Microsoft Office Support Ends for Older Versions of Android

MS Office

MS Office is a tool that is synonymous with productivity and efficiency. This productivity suite from Microsoft is a favorite of millions of individuals at home and office who use it in their laptops, desktops, and also smartphones. Whether you use MS Word, Excel, or Power Point, you know how valuable these applications are in increasing your productivity and efficiency. There is some bad news for all those men and women who are using Microsoft Office in their old Android phones. Microsoft has decided to end support for Android smartphones running old versions like Kit Kat and Lollipop. Microsoft Office support for these devices will officially end from July 2019.

Smartphones with higher Android OS will remain unaffected

Microsoft Office mobile apps support for many versions of Android will continue unchanged. This applies to smartphones and tablets having Android OS higher than Lollipop and Kit Kat. Thankfully, Microsoft will continue its support for all iOS phones, even old ones. If you are using an Android smartphone running on Lollipop or Kit Kat, you will stop receiving any security or feature update. If you wish to receive these updates, you will need to upgrade to a newer version of Android.

Microsoft mobile apps are extremely popular among mobile users

With most users of Microsoft Office having become mobile in the last few years, company has also moved ahead with times and introduced changes in its mobile apps from time to time. Today, Microsoft’s productivity apps are available on all major platforms from Android to iOS and Windows to Mac. In fact, the company has tied up with companies like Samsung to have its productivity apps pre-installed in some of their high end smartphones.

Microsoft Office online support to its productivity apps like Power Point, Excel, MS Word, One Note and One Drive on Android smartphones has made them very popular among the users. These apps have been downloaded and installed on more than half a billion Android-powered devices around the world. These apps are available for onetime payment as well as on subscription on Google’s Play Store and they happen to be top downloads on Play Store for quite some time.

New features do not work properly on old operating systems

Owing to its popularity and usage, Microsoft keeps introducing new features and it also keeps on updating its mobile apps. These changes are introduced keeping in mind newer versions of devices and browsers. It is therefore natural for the company to stop supporting older devices running old versions of operations systems.  This is the reason why Microsoft announced end of its support to the oldest of Android operating systems Lollipop and Kit Kat.

For example, Microsoft has recently announced a new and exciting augmented reality mobile game called Minecraft Earth. Now, this is a game that can be best experienced on newer versions of Android while some of its features will not even work properly for those having old Android smartphones. It therefore only makes sense if Microsoft Office support is withdrawn from old Android smartphones running on operating systems like Lollipop and Kit Kat. 



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