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Microsoft Office

Who doesn’t love Microsoft Office, the most popular productivity suite available in the market? Of course, you use the productivity tools from Microsoft on your computer and laptop at home and office. Now you want these apps to help you out when you are on a move. In fact, you do not need to download individual apps like Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in your smartphone. Microsoft Office support plans to make available all its popular productivity apps on mobile platforms whether it is Android or iOS.

Tech giant Microsoft gave an inkling of its future plans during Ignite conference that was recently organized in Orlando Florida. It was revealed during this conference that the company is planning to introduce a new version of the app that will combine the three most popular productivity apps of Microsoft Office namely Word, Excel, and Power Point.  Work on these apps while being on a move and also share documents with your friends easily.

If you are using an Android smartphone, you can download the preview version of this app form Microsoft. In case of iPhone, you can use the app through Test Flight Program of Apple. You will find that you are able to create new word documents and also edit existing ones you have in your device with the help of this app from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office Beta provides a unified Office experience to the users on their Android and iOS mobile devices. Now you can do pretty much you have always wanted to do on your mobile like sharing files with your colleagues, converting photos into text, creating PDFs, and using Sticky Notes. Microsoft Office support from the company will not only make it possible for you to work on the go but also simplify and enhance the experience for you.

Create PDFs, pictures out of documents, and Excel spreadsheets from printed pages on your mobile device using this unified app from Microsoft. For this, you do not need to individually down the three most popular productivity tools from Microsoft. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint rank among top 25 apps on iOS and collectively, they have been downloaded more than a billion times on Android platform.

Microsoft has clarified that it does not intend to get rid of individual apps despite introducing this unified app. The company has said that thee are many customers who wish to make use of only one of the three productivity apps. As such, Microsoft does not want to force this unified app down the throat of its customers. However, for those who use all three apps, it is a better idea to remove them and download this unified app as it takes less space on their phone and allows them to use any app they want with just a few clicks.

This move by the company, unifying all three popular productivity apps into a single app, comes on the heels of the decision to introduce a new Office app for Windows 10. This app, which was released in February, gives users access to all productivity apps in a single window.



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