Microsoft’s Foldable Surface will have Android Support

Android Support

Microsoft, the tech giant of the world, is busy with the development of its revolutionary foldable device Surface which will be launched sometime in 2020. This smartphone from Microsoft will run on Andromeda OS but there are reports that it will have Android support to run some apps and also iCloud service of Apple. This smartphone will have two screens side by side and it will fold from the centre. It is rumored that Microsoft will launch this tablet by the first half of 2020.

Reports that have been leaked on internet so far reveal that this tablet will have two 9 inch screens side by side and it can be folded. The problem that Microsoft is facing at the moment is a paucity of apps that support dual screen devices. It has very few such apps in its Windows app store. This is the reason why it has decided to extend full support to Android apps that can run on its dual screen tablet. Google itself has no objection to Microsoft making use of its dual screen Android apps.  In fact, the company pledged to provide native support to all companies developing foldable smartphones and tablets in future. This was declared by the company at its annual Developer’s Summit last year.

There are also rumors doing rounds that this new Surface foldable tablet will be fitted with 10nm Lakefield chipset made b y Intel. If this is indeed true, then Surface foldable tablet will surely have connectivity and it will also support the soon to be launched 5G services.

Microsoft has not leaked anything about its foldable tablet so far to the outside world. This project has been codenamed Centaurus and only the employees of Microsoft have seen the teaser video of Surface foldable inside the headquarters of the company in Redmond. One good thing about Surface foldable tablet is that it will have an end to end screen to help the user achieve higher productivity.

Online Android support through dual screen apps is a big relief for Microsoft which has been working on foldable digital devices for the last 2 years. There are some experts who believe Surface foldable tablet will be a device similar to Lenovo’s Yoga notebook. Yoga created a buzz among the consumers and all major tech companies are believed to be working on their own foldable designs ever since it was launched.

While Microsoft has made clear its intentions of introducing Surface foldable sometime in 2020, it is waiting to see how similar devices being made by Huawei and Samsung far after their launch. More recently, Samsung had to pull back on its promise of release of its foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold. There were media reports of terrible design flaws in this smartphone, forcing Samsung and other retailers to cancel their preorders given by customers from around the world.

Meanwhile, the ongoing trade war between the U.S and China has already forced Huawei to push back the release of its foldable smartphone Mate X. In such a scenario, all eyes are on Microsoft and its Surface foldable tablet.



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