Mozilla Firefox to End Irritation caused by auto playing videos on the web

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Are you one of those millions who find it very irritating to experience auto playing videos by some websites while browsing the web? There are many websites that automatically start playing audio and video files without asking for permission from the visitors to cause great inconvenience to them.  This hampers with a quiet and smooth browsing and forces people to close the tabs playing such audio and video files. Mozilla Firefox support now plans to put an end to this inconvenience with its Firefox 66 update. 

You can now stop auto playing by websites on the net by using a default feature that has been introduced by open source browser Mozilla Firefox. This new update is believed to be released by Mozilla on 19 March this year. Users will get the option of blocking auto play in the default setting of Firefox browser. This means they can prevent auto play or give their consent to these websites depending upon their liking when using Mozilla Firefox browser.

Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers have already provided this feature and online Mozilla Firefox support has now joined this bandwagon to bring much needed relief for the people. With its new Firefox 66, Mozilla has finally decided to crackdown on the practice of playing audio and video files without seeking permission of the users.

In a blog post by Chris Pearce, Mozilla made it clear that it will not allow auto play of audio and video files by websites as it hampers with the ability of its users to experience quiet browsing of the net. He said that this playback in high volume can be a source of annoyance and distraction for the users. This is the reason why Mozilla Firefox has introduced changes in its latest version of Firefox to enable users to quiet or mute these files. Whether you are using Firefox on your computer or a mobile device, you will now be able to silence auto play function of all such websites using a default feature.

Firefox technical support now gives users the ability to mute these irritating audio and video files through default and they can be played only when the user decides to listen to them by clicking on the Play button. Once Firefox 66 is out through a general release and downloaded by the users, they will have the ability to decide whether it is desirable for them to allow auto play of audio and video files shown by some websites. They will be provided with an icon on the URL bar to change the default setting from Block to Play. This means users will choose which website to permit auto play and which sites to block this function.

At present, Firefox users only have the option of muting the videos that get played automatically by clicking on the mute button provided by these websites. This new feature is great news for the lovers of Mozilla Firefox as they will now get a feature that has already been provided by Google and other major browsers of the world.



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