Netflix: Streaming Giant Miles Ahead of its Competitors

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Netflix is undoubtedly the leaders of the pack when it comes to streaming content directly from internet on digital devices. It is the most popular streaming service not just in the U.S but also across the world. A large part in this popularity is played by the variety of entertainment Netflix has in the form of movies, TV shows, and original content that it creates regularly, spending billions of dollars. Customers also love the solid Netflix support that makes sure they remain entertained all the time.

Netflix pricing

Do you know how much you have to pay to watch all the content that Netflix has on offer for its subscribers? There are three different service models called Basic, Standard, and Premium. Netflix charges $9 per month for Basic, $13 per month for Standard, and $16 per month for its Premium service. Interesting thing to note here is that customers have full online Netflix support for all three models and all customers get to see the entire catalog of content that Netflix has on offer. The only difference lies in the quality of videos and the number of devices in a household on which the customer can watch the content. You can watch content in 480p and single device with Basic, up to 1080p and 2 devices with Standard, and on up to 4 devices and in 4k ultra HD with Premium.

Device compatibility

Netflix is not only the first streaming service but also one that supports widest range of devices. Customers have full Netflix tech support for all sorts of devices and platforms including their browsers and computers running on Windows and Mac. They can also watch Netflix on Apple TV as well as their Roku players. It can also be seen on all iOS and Android devices including smartphones and tablets. In fact, Netflix can also be viewed on Windows phone as well as Nintendo 3DS. This means you can watch Netflix practically on all kinds of digital devices available in the market.

Variety of content

When it comes to variety of content, there is no streaming service that even comes close to Netflix. You can not only watch thousands of Hollywood movies but also a wide variety of TV shows and documentaries with your Netflix subscription. Then there is the original content produced by Netflix that is driving customers crazy because of its gripping subject, quality, and acting. Netflix is reducing its reliance on movies these days with Disney planning to start its own streaming service.

Audio video quality and user experience

Customers love the audio and video quality of the content they can stream on their devices through Netflix. The company adjusts its video quality to make it perfect according to the speed of internet at the end of the customer. Its user interface is also wonderful giving customers a wonderful user experience.

If you are having any issues with your subscription or you wish to know more about some feature, you can reach Netflix support number on your phone.



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