Netflix to Support International TV Shows to Make Them Popular in U.S Market

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Dubbed TV shows and movies in other languages have been quite popular in many European countries. But these programs have not received a warm welcome by the audience in the United States. Most people in the U.S hate these shows because of a legacy of martial art movies with terrible dubbing quality. Now, Netflix has taken upon itself to change this perception form the minds of the people by working hard on the dubbing of popular international TV shows and movies. Netflix support in the form of money and technology is expected to change this perception through supply of dubbed shows that look and feel like original.

Already, giant streaming service Netflix has the biggest library of international movies and TV shows. In the last few months, the company has worked hard to recruit talented actors and voice artists and working upon high quality American versions of international shows and series. The main aim of Netflix behind this initiative is to create more and more dubbed versions of these shows and movies and also to make them very high quality so as to win over the hearts and minds of the American populace. It will also help Netflix in making some good money through increased viewings of its international shows. Online Netflix support to these shows and movies means they get the kind of exposure that is needed to create a buzz surrounding them.

Many people are not aware of the fact that Netflix has production facilities in nearly 30 countries across the globe where quality content is produced regularly. Money Heist is a Spanish TV show that is in its 3rd season on Netflix for the local population. There are many more international TV shows that are running on Netflix and also enjoying huge popularity among its subscribers. These include The Rain (Denmark), How to sell drugs online (Germany), and Quicksand (Sweden). Ted Sarandos, who is the Chief Content Officer in Netflix, recently said that each one of these shows have garnered 12- 15 million views till date.

Then there are other series like Elite and Cable Girls from Spain and Sacred Games from India that are creating waves with their success. These shows are busting the myth that American people do not like to watch international shows. They also help in changing the perception that good content in English travels to other parts of the world from America only.

Netflix has seen a dip in the number of its subscribers for the first time after many years. Its growth is also considerably slower than what the company had projected earlier. Faced with stiff competition from other streaming services, Netflix believes that creating high quality dubbed movies and shows is one way of winning its audiences back. In some instances, Netflix is recruiting the actors of the original show or the movie for dubbing if their English is acceptable to the company.

Money Heist is playing the role of a test case for Netflix in its initiative to woo American audience with dubbed international movies and TV shows.



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