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Ever since, from its inception in the year 2006, Facebook is bringing something better and bigger for its users. The American social networking and social media website are constantly coming with new features to enhance the user experience along with best Facebook tech support services.

In the continuation of providing exceptional user experience to it users, Facebook recently made it’s Today In local news feature available to approx. 400 cities across the United States of America.

By the expansion of this feature, Facebook is trying to connect more and more people to local news and nearby happenings. Very soon Facebook will be going to begin testing local alerts where people will get the alerts on the latest updates by the government and first-responder pages.

The Journey of Facebook’s Today In

According to Facebook, the company has this test run as a part of Facebook’s journalism project initiative which was about to launch after US presidential election.

The journey of Today In was started on January 2018 when Facebook run the test on this feature in just 6 cities namely – III. Olympia, Wash, New Orleans, La. Little Rock, Ark. Bilings & Mont. Peoria.

Facebook has done thorough research on people from various background and community and found that more than 50% of people prefer to learn about local happenings and other community information on this social media app rather than any other content which they were asked for.

The feature was tested with an aim to make the denizens of these areas aware of the local information such as stories from the local publishers any emergency updates or any notification from local authorities.

After successful testing in all 6 cities, Facebook on 29th November 2018, make Today In, available for 400 cities across the US.

In its official statement, Facebook said that “It is now available in over 400 cities in the US, and we have launched our first international test in Australia.”

Present and Future of Today In

Very soon the American company expands the newly launched feature more broadly.

Anthea Watson Strong, The Product Manager for local news and community information has thrown some light on the functionality of this feature.

She stated “we have started testing Today In in communities located in news deserts, places that have a low supply of local news and community information, by supplementing with relevant content from surrounding areas,”

A user can access Today In features by either visiting the feature in the app directly or by opting it seeing as news feeds.

Along with all the things, there is a test running by Facebook for Local Alerts with over 100 local governing bodies with the first responders in order get the news on every latest happening around the community such as blackouts, natural disaster or closures.

The participants approached for local alerts can post only 35 alerts in 30 days. These alerts must contain valuable information which should be conveyed to users without interrupting the news feed of users.

The post should be marked as Local Alert on FB timeline for up to 6 hours at least.

What People Are Expecting?

This newly launched feature is welcome to openheartedly by the residents of the United States. People are embracing this new way of getting local news easily and instantly.

The local news now helps people in making their daily schedule according to the incidents happening in their locality.

All those who couldn’t understand how to use or enable this feature can always contact the robust Facebook tech support team and get their query solved.

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