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Rumor mills are working overtime and there is a strong possibility that loyal iPad users around the country might see new, improved versions of these tablets in 2019. There are also talks about the possible launch of the 5th generation of iPad mint.

Mini 4 continues despite a cheaper iPad in the market

It was in March 2018 that Apple introduced its cheapest iPad at only $329. This iPad with a 9.7 inch screen was packed with exciting features and it was lapped up by the customers. Despite its roaring success and sale in high numbers, Apple continued with Mini 4, a product that is more expensive than regular iPads and has not received an upgrade since its launch way back in 2015. It seems that this iPad is trudging along on the back of the highly efficient Apple iPad support.

 There are rumors that finally iPad Mini 5 is arriving in 2019 and a brand new model of iPad for the crazy fans around the country. Apple iPad helpline is mum on these stories.

 Rumours doing round about new iPads

The rumours began in October when Ming-Chi Kyo said that a new Mini was on the way with a lower price tag and a faster processor. Then in December, China Business Times said that Apple will be coming out with two new models of its iPad in 2019. There have also been rumours that these new products would support the Apple Pencil and its wireless charging gadget. But things would become clear only when the new iPads see the light of the day.

During the holiday season, a website called StashLeaks published images of the rumoured new iPad Mini 5. But another website called OnLeaks refuted this claim saying the case of new Mini 5 was based upon the prototype introduced in 2016.
Then in January, some pictures surfaced on Twitter that suggested an antenna for the new Mini to support 4G connections. Apart from this new addition, these pictures did not reveal any new features on the hardware as they depicted the same old home button, lighting port, and the headphone jack.

Another snippet was provided by DigiTimes that said that touch panels of the new Mini would be supplied by two new companies.

There was a rumour in 2017 that Apple had decided to discontinue with its iPad Mini 4. But the fact that this device was up for sales on the website of Apple suggested that the company was not in a mood to give up on the production of this product.

Brace up for the new Mini 5

What is clear from all these rumours is that iPad Mini 5 is indeed on its way. But there is no way of knowing more about the specs and features of this product until it is unveiled by Apple itself. Apple usually announces about its updates and new launches in March every year. This is when things about Mini 5 and other iPads would become clearer for the fans. Also, it is not clear if new products would come with a new design as it demands an increase in price.

One way to keep prices unchanged is to add features of wireless charging and Apple Pencil compatibility. Apple could deny existing users a chance to upgrade, forcing them to switch to new models.

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