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Technological giant Google always comes up with something innovative product or service that enhance the user experience of its clients.

Be it a Google glasses or any other smart services like computerized contact lenses, Google never leaves any stone unturned to give the best technological experience to its users.

In the continuation of bringing something new, Google has recently come up with its new feature namely – Gmail smart reply.

Gmail Smart Reply

Evident to its name, Gmail smart reply is an Artificial Intelligence-based program that helps you write an email with the prediction.

The predictions for the reply are based on the bots which crawl billions of emails on Gmail. Once the crawling is done, bots suggest A.I software the phrase which you might want to use.

In addition, users are also offered with Google’s automated response suggestions. These response buttons are placed at the bottom of an email.

The reply buttons in an email are suggested by Gmail using machine learning technology. Here Google bots suggest all possible replies of an email to the users.

Are The Auto Reply Suggestions Irritating?

Gmail smart response is nothing but the replies generated by machine learning. Though the technology is often called Artificial Intelligence that has the ability to think of its own, alas, after all, it is a technology and not a human.

Being a machine, it can’t differentiate between suitable and non-suitable answers and therefore it sometimes suggests some answers which irritate the Gmail users.

In an early report, Google said that people responding “I Love You” on email more often with that you Google bots also find a phrase “Sent from My iPhone”.  Both the phrases are commonly used and thus Google bots started suggested them to Gmail users.

Off-course, if you are fixing an official meeting with someone you want to reply “I Love You”, aren’t you? Thus, Google has decided to make your Gmail experience more human by introducing an option to turn off the smart reply option.

How To Turn Off Gmail’s Smart Reply Feature?

As we have discussed that Gmail smart reply comes with the features that are exciting and make our email drafting easier. Any Gmail user can answer an email by selecting one among the three answers given an option at the bottom of the mail.

There are many features that induce a user to draft a professional mail. But on the same hand, it also has some issues.

The machine generating replies are irritating its users. They automated replies are created on the basis of Google bots. Bots can’t differentiate between useful and not useful information.

Considering the problems of its users, Google has ultimately launched the option to turned off, the feature of Gmail smart reply.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Google explained that Smart replies are crafted on the basis of a library of phrases. Whatever the phrases seem relevant to bots, it crafts the mail on the same.

To make its bots so intelligent, Google is reading your emails. Though, Google has stated that it is maintaining all the privacy standards while doing so.

Seeing the importance of privacy, Google has given the option to turn off the smart reply. So if you do not want to have to keep smart replies please turn off.

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