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Being on the verge of 2018, Malwarebytes looks forward to many developments for the year 2019 in its arena of security. As the trend goes of issuing a prediction series of all the anti-virus software, Malwarebytes also comes forth with its own list of predictions.  After much observation and research Malware bytes in the list of Malware Prediction series 2019, has included many security options.

With the increase in crime, there arises a need for defence against the disastrous cyber attacks.  From Malwarebytes tuning in for AV testing to its report on the chain reaction of 500 million users due to the Marriott breach, this 2019 security prediction of Malwarebytes has it all.

The breaches with public prominence are a hot topic in the world of cyber crimes. The attack may start with a classic phishing mail. These phishing emails are very convincing. You wouldn’t even now what is happening and your PR department will start getting flooded responses from customers and social media. This is how cyber attack works. All social media passwords could be taken from the infected systems by the hackers. You have to isolate the hacker’s access. You have many solutions for this. Some of which are say hardware solutions, biometrics, asymmetric cryptography, block chain, etc but none of these can help you fix the problem on absolute terms. With respect to replacing passwords entirely, there would be efforts exercised in the upcoming year.

If you have got IOT or industrial control devices which is unsecured and you put that on internet it takes just three to five minutes before it is infected by an IOT botnet. Within a couple of minutes, your device will be totally useless.  Once the malware is activated it will in itself also start scanning. Every node starts finding the credentials of a new victim. Today we have more than 300 thousand of those devices across the world that is infected. Malwarebytes seeks to fix this problem in the coming year.

International criminals are targeting your credit cards while you shop online. The hackers can easily grab name, email address, credit card numbers and even the security codes. We always see this grow with criminals gaining access to the payment processing.  The security companies like Bristish Airways and even Ticketmaster hacks have experienced Digital skimming in the recent day scenario.

Because of less scale of revenue generation, Cryptomining done to the customers will be lessened. At the same time the same will be done on much wider and bigger platforms where there are chances of more revenue like servers and IOT devices.

The build up of Vaporworms is expected to hit the heights in 2019. It is a new worm from the Malware family that multiplies via defenceless systems and wards off from detection. The glimpse of which can be seen in the 2018’s Wanna Cry ransomware outbreak. Without proper protected systems you can be its victim anytime.

There is then a need to detect these kinds of malware threats immediately otherwise you could be the victim of serious malware threats. Not only is there a need to detect but also to respond to these malware threats in the most prompt manner. Stay safe and vigilant!

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