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From past few days, there is a buzz in the IT town about an incident that made everyone got worried. This incident arouses a question about the security level which various technology giant promise to their clientele.

This incident is about computer leader Dell resetting its customer passwords on its website. Dell took this step after a hacker or hackers breached into their internal network.

As per the report goes, the tech giant has detected this problem and neutralized it on November 9th, 2018.

It has been found that the hackers have tried to extract the user information from Dell’s official website. This information is limited to names, e-mails, addresses, and passwords.

According to the Dell Company, resetting password was a precautionary step which company had to take in order make their customers’ data secured, and protect it from being theft.

The password reset step will affect online Dell support services along with the premier and global portal.

Dell Official Statement :

Dell in its official statement ensures users that the product and services by the company have not affected by the breach in any way.

In a press release company said that when it detected the attempt of extraction, it immediately commenced its countermeasure against the breach and started a thorough investigation. On the same hand, the tech giant company also appointed a digital forensics agency in order to carry out an independent investigation. The company also started taking lawful measure against the breach.

Till now, the company has not yet disclosed how the personal data of a user being exposed to the hackers.

Though Dell has reset the password of its users, yet users can manually review all the information users have filled in their respective accounts.

So anyone who has saved their financial information on the website, you better keep a vigilant eye on your card statement just as a precautionary measure.

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