Octacore Computing comes to MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro is one of the flagship products from the stable of tech giant Apple. MacBook Pro support is already regarded as one of the finest in the industry. Now these powerful machines will get the computing power of most modern and very fast 8th and 9th generation processors from Intel. Apple has said that this will be the fastest and most powerful MacBook Pro till date. In fact, MacBook Pro packed with octa core processor will be twice as fast as a quadcore MacBook Pro and 40% faster than a MacBook Pro fitted with a 6-core processor.

The new MacBook Pro is not just fast but also packed with many new exciting features. It comes with a stunning display that Apple says is the brightest among all laptops and notebooks being sold in the market. It is retina display boasting 500 nits brightness that supports P3 class wide color range. MacBook Pro comes with True Tone technology that is renowned for a very natural, true to life viewing experience for the user.

It is not just the display in which MacBook Pro scores heavily over its nearest competitors. The sound of this next generation MacBook is also very impressive. It is fitted with stereo speakers that provide an immersive audio experience to the owner. No laptop is complete without a wonderful touch pad that allows users to perform various actions when using the device. MacBook Pro octa core is fitted with a large Force Touch track pad and a unique Touch Bar. Both these controls allow the user to scroll on the web pages of websites with ultimate ease. One feels as if he is gliding as he moves from one place to another on his monitor.

Apple has taken care of security, data transfer, and storage requirements of its customers through MacBook Pro online support. This latest offering from Apple comes with additional SSD storage and enhanced security in the form of T2 security chip. There are not one or two but 3 Thunderbolt ports to allow the user to easily indulge in fast data transfer between his devices. These ports can also be used for the purpose of charging the laptop or to connect 2 additional 5K displays.

MacBook Pro octa core is a mean machine that can perform many different functions besides being your go to source for entertainment and information at home and office. You can process very high resolution pictures on this machine if you are a professional photographer. You can also use it to compile the code or to render 3D graphics. You can also use it inside your music studio to edit various 4K video and audio clips.

If you compare this new machine with your older 15 inch quad core MacBook Pro, you will find it to be twice as fast. This is of great advantage to not just developers and programmers but also to college students, executives, and video editors to get their job done in very quick time. There is no doubt that the new MacBook Pro is the leader of the pack with some margin in the foreseeable future.



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