OfficeJet Pro 9015e: Efficient all in one printer from HP

If you are looking for a printer copier for your small office, you must give a serious thought to Officejet Pro 9015e , an all in one printer presented by HP. It is a beautiful printer that also scans and copies, works efficiently, and fits in a small space to serve your business requirements. It is a very productive machine for any small to medium sized office. This fast and efficient machine becomes all the more effective with the help of HP printer support available from the company.

If one goes by the company, this AIO printer meets all needs of a small office. This compact printer gets job done quickly without any hassles. It proves to be a time and money saver through low cost printing and scanning. It is technologically so advance that you can start printing right from your smartphone if you so desire.  You will never find yourself stuck with this machine as help is available round the clock through online HP printer support.

Officejet Pro 9015e costs just $227 and it comes with a full one year warranty from the company.  You can opt for 2nd year warranty if you agree to HP+ program and you can later add third year warranty by paying an extra $55. No one else provides peace of mind at such a miniscule amount. Bring this all in one printer from HP and become free from all kinds of worries about printing, scanning, and copying.

Setting up Officejet Pro 9015e is a breeze whether you have used a printer before or not. Touch screens of this printer come alive soon after you plug in the printer to a power source. The printer will give you step by step instructions for installation and you are ready to go once you have set up the paper tray and inserted ink cartridges. Printing becomes very easy after downloading the HP Smart app in your smartphone as you can print documents right off your mobile or tablet.

The touch screen of Officejet Pro 9015e is 2.7 inches in size and you can even tilt it to an angle of 45 degrees to make viewing easier. All modem and Ethernet ports are on the back side while USB port is on the left side of the printer. There is no SD card slot but this printer recognizes thumb drives very quickly and you can start printing documents within seconds.

As far as printing speed is concerned, you can achieve a high speed of 13.4 ppm with this IO printer. If you want to print on both sides of the paper, this speed gets reduced to 10 ppm. Documents with colored graphics and text give a speed of 9 ppm. Print quality excellent whether you are printing black and white or colored pages. For a small business, Officejet Pro 9015e turns out to be a game changer with its speed, efficiency, and reliability. The legendary HP printer support serves like icing on the cake. There is no doubt that this all in one printer is a boon for any home office or small office.



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