Plus or Total Protection: Which McAfee Product Provides Better Protection?


McAfee is the most popular choice among the people when it comes to protection against viruses and malware. Two of its best known internet security suites are McAfee Plus and McAfee Total Protection. Both these programs provide excellent protection against online threats and keep the system safe when browsing the web. Which one of these two antivirus programs is better for you and why? Let us find out.

If we take a look at both these programs and compare their features, we find that Total Protection is priced at $110 while McAfee Antivirus Plus is available for only $60. Both programs can be used on up to 10 devices and provide complete protection to the users. User is completely safe when browsing with both the programs but it is only Total Protection that comes with Firewall. It is also packed with vulnerability scanner which is not available with Plus. There is no password manager in Plus while Total Protection boasts of this tool. There are no parental controls and identity theft monitoring in Plus whereas both these features are available in Total Protection through McAfee antivirus support. Total Protection also provides Cryptocurrency protection to the customers.

This comparison shows that though you have to pay $50 per annum more for Total Protection, it is certainly a better choice for protection for you as it comes with a lot of extra protection. These security tools make Total Protection a much better choice for the customers who want complete protection against online threats. Let us talk a little about these extra protection features.

Personal firewall– This feature keeps a close watch on the internet connection of the customer

Vulnerability scanner– This is a feature that identifies weak spots of your system that are at the target of hackers and spammers over the web

Password manager– This is a tool that stores and keeps all the passwords of the customer safe and secure at all times. You can rest assured that no online hacker can get access to your passwords when logging into your online accounts on various websites.

Parental controls– If you have growing kids at home, the feature of parental control allows you to block content that you feel is inappropriate for their growing minds. It can also be used to set the time for which your kids can browse the web in a single session.

Cryptocurrency monitoring– This is a feature that prevents any crypto mining activity that is initiated by hackers in your accounts online. With crypto currencies being so popular in these times, it is really nice to have this extra protection in your system.

Identity theft protection– This feature is available in very few antivirus programs in the market. McAfee antivirus support keeps the close watch on the black web and notifies you as soon as it finds your personal information anywhere on the web.

If you are on a budget, McAfee Plus is a great product for you. However, if you can afford to pay $50 more, McAfee Total Protection is an excellent choice because of all the extra protection it brings for you.



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