Quality and Performance of Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton is a name to reckon with in the world of internet security. It is one of the oldest and still popular companies making products to enhance the safety and security of digital devices. Norton antivirus Plus is a very popular product from the company that is loved by the customers because of its affordable prices and host of features not found in other similar products available in the market. Norton setup help and Norton support number play a crucial role in the popularity of this entry level antivirus used by large numbers of individuals and businesses.

If you do not know, Norton Antivirus Plus is the most basic of security products made available by Norton to individuals and corporate customers. If you want security with features like VPN, monitoring of the dark web, and the capability to block unauthorized access of webcam, you can choose Norton 360 which is of course a costlier option. You can go one step higher with Norton 360 packed with LifeLock to prevent any chances of identity theft. If you want sufficient security at half the price of Norton 360, the company gives you the option of Norton Antivirus Plus. It costs just $19.99 per annum and provides good value for your money by keeping your device safe from viruses and all kinds of malware.

It is a fact that Norton Antivirus Plus is one of the most affordable security products sold in the market. But with affordability, you have to remain content with the fact that it can be used on only one device in the household. Yes, you can install this antivirus on a Windows based PC or a Mac but Norton security help is available to just that device in your home. If you want protection for other devices, you will have to purchase separate licenses for these devices. A much better option is to upgrade to Norton 360 that will bring protection for number of devices. Keep in mind that Norton Antivirus Plus cannot be installed in smartphones and tablets.

Outstanding features

Norton Antivirus Plus works silently to keep your computer safe at all times. However, if you want, you can scan the devices to check for the presence of malware, virus, ransom ware, and spyware anytime you need. There is a feature of Quick Scan while there is also the feature of comprehensive scan that scans the system in detail. You can also custom scan desired files and folders to detect threats.

While browsing, Norton Antivirus keeps an eye on malicious websites and blocks them if you try to visit any of them. You can use Safe Web browser extension with this tool for free. Another excellent safety feature of Norton Antivirus Plus is Smart Firewall that sounds alerts whenever a malicious program attempts to access any of your files.

Norton Antivirus Plus is packed with Password Manager to store all your passwords and retrieve them whenever you need them. It also provides 2 GB of cloud storage to the customer. Norton helpdesk number always comes to the rescue if you face any issue.



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