QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0: What it Brings to the Table?

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Point of Sale 18.0 from Quickbooks is a highly efficient tool for small and midsized businesses already availing other applications of Quickbooks. Whether you have a single small store or several stores in different locations, you can use this tool effectively as it comes in 3 versions namely Basic, Pro, and Multi-store. Quickbooks support makes this version of desktop Point of Sale 18.0 a very productive tool for business owners.

There are options in terms of employees, purchases, and point of sale in this offering from Quickbooks. Processing of sales in this tool is easy and simple with a user interface that is very clean. You can cater to the requirements of your business through customization of the tabs on the screen. This means you can not only create an invoice but also make a report, list items, receive items, and more. The user can see the names of the customers as well as products while processing the sale and also edit or add them during the process. Like all other programs, the salesman can enter the code of the product manually or with the help of a barcode scanner.

If you are looking for the tool with multiuser capability, you get it only in the multiuser version of Desktop Point of Sale 18.0. This version comes with many exciting features and the ability to process multiple types of transactions. User can add a discount or process return of items when using the version. They can also track inventory levels in each of the different locations and also transfer inventories to stores where they are needed.

Online Quickbooks support to Desktop Point of Sale 18.0 makes it an excellent tool to process various types of tenders. You can accept cash from your customers and also generate invoices when the customer is using his debit or credit card. This tool also works well with gift certificates and gift cards. No matter which version you are using, you can easily integrate it with Quickbooks Point of Sale payments where credit cards are used.

One of the most exciting features of Desktop Point of Sale 18.0 lies in its ability to manage customers. The salesman can track many details of the customer and also have a quick glance at his purchase history form the store. If you wish to introduce a customer loyalty program in your store, you can do so easily when using this wonderful tool. This is possible through tracking of purchases made by the customer and then rewarding him through gifts and discounts.

Inventory management becomes a breeze with the help of Desktop Point of Sale 18.0. You can assign an automatic point of reorder when the levels of various products fall below a certain quantity.

This latest offering from Quickbooks is capable of generating different kinds of reports such as commonly returned items, summary of discounts, and full summary of the department. It integrates in a seamless manner with other Quickbooks applications and users also get flawless Quickbooks support in addition to FAQs that are on the website of the company.  



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