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Owners of smart TVs know that they can watch not just the programs broadcast through cable television but also content that is streamed directly from internet. There are dozens of streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and You Tube to be entertained any time they so desire. However, there is no need to feel despondent if you do not have a smart TV at home. There is one streaming player called Roku that will allow you to watch content direct from the web as it has the capability to turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV. Roku tech support makes this possible. But do you know how to turn on your Roku player?

The simple answer to this question is that Roku player remains on all the time and you normally do not need turning it on. The company has designed Roku to stay on at all times so that there is no delay or wait time before you can watch your desired content on your television set. In fact, your Roku remains on till the time it is unplugged. You will find that unlike all other electronic appliances that you have in home, there is no button on your Roku to turn it on or off. Company has made sure that all Roku devices eat very little power even if they remain on 24 hours a day. Whether or not you are using your Roku player, you need not worry about it consuming any significant amount of power.

Why does Roku want its players to remain on all the time?

Well, Roku has done this deliberately for two clear reasons. Firstly, the company wants your Roku player to be ready to stream content form the web whenever you want it. It has ensured that the user does not need to wait for any length of time for its player to become ready for streaming. Secondly, and more importantly, Roku support sends updates to the player at any time and it is quickly received by your player. This means company can keep all Roku players current and updated without its customers even knowing about it. This is certainly much better than a situation where the company prevents you from watching your favorite program just because it needs o update your Roku player.

What if you have turned your Roku off?

Now you know that you need not turn off your Roku player even at the end of the day. What if you wish to turn it off because you are going away for a day or two? To turn off, you need to unplug it from your TV set or a power source.  To turn it on once again, all you have to do is to plug it back to the power source or your TV set. You will find that Roku takes about a minute to become ready to stream programs from internet.

If your Roku malfunctions or does not turn on in a minute, turn it off and then turn the power on again after some time. Online Roku support says this should fix your problem.



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