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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will be held on June 3 and everyone is waiting with baited breath for the announcement about iOS 13. It will be the next operating system from Apple for its iPhones and iPads.  Loyal customers are waiting to see the new features and functionalities that will be introduced with this operating system. While there is very little that can be said with certainty, there are already rumors about possible new features doing rounds in tech circles.

According to inside sources, Apple is working on updates that will be future ready. These updates will be such that the company will have the option to delay under developed features while those that are loved and welcomed by the customers and developers will be included in next versions of iOS. This is the reason why iOS 13 is being considered the biggest iOS update from Apple till date. It comes with the possibility that some of the features that are being rumored at the moment could be delayed or rejected altogether.

Some of the features in iOS 13 will be those that were supposed to be announced with iOS 12. The reason these features got delayed was because of bugs or because Apple wanted some more improvements in them. Some of the most awaited iOS features based upon leaks in tech websites are as follows.

  • Dark Mode
  • Volume interface changes
  • Multitasking capabilities in iPads
  • All new gestures for functions of redo and undo
  • Merging of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends with a new Find My iPhone app
  • All new Mail and Reminder apps
  • Cross platform app capabilities

While iOS13 debuts at WWDC on June 3, it will be officially launched much later in fall this year when Apple will introduce its new set of iPhones.  This debut will primarily be for beta testers and developers around the world.

The feature of dark mode was much awaited by the customers. Some of these customers were already using dark mode in their iPhone by downloading third party apps. Apple says that this dark ode will make it easier for the users to work on their iPhones at night.

Another feature that is rumored to be announced with this update is sleep mode. This feature will allow the phone to go to sleep with all notifications becoming mute. It will be available in Control Centre and will be called ‘Do Not Disturb’ with an icon of a moon.

Apple is planning to remove Volume HUD, a dialogue box that appears on the screen whenever the user increases or decreases the volume of his device.  Company is also adding cross platform capability to many of its apps. This means that developers will find it easy to port the apps meant for iPhones to Mac. There will be changes in existing apps like Mail, Messages, and Find My iPhone app to make them more useful for the customers. Apple is also making iOS 13 faster and without the bugs that were experienced by users in iOS 12.



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