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Official Prime Support

The number provided below is a direct support number for Official Prime Support. We have no affiliation with this number, and we cannot guarantee the quality or service associated with it. This information is provided for your convenience, and we advise you to verify it on Amazon Prime’s official website.

Common issues with Amazon Prime and how to solve them

Amazon Prime Video is a hugely popular streaming service enjoyed by millions of subscribers around the world. It brings a world of entertainment to the living rooms of the subscribers that includes not just original movies and TV shows but also third-party movies and series. However, being a technology-based service, Amazon Prime has its share of issues irritating its subscribers. Here are some of these issues and their easy solutions. 

Error 5005

One of the most common issues faced by Amazon Prime Video subscribers is difficulties in signing in to their accounts. Also called Error 5005, it frustrates subscribers when they cannot get access to their accounts. You need to reset your password by clicking on Forgot your Password option and then following the prompts that follow. If the problem persists, you must carry out a reset of your device whether it is a laptop or a smart TV. It could be an issue from Amazon’s side. Dial the phone number for Amazon Prime customer service to get a resolution for your issue.

Error 2063

Error 2063 is another common problem encountered by subscribers. It takes place when they try to buy or rent a movie on this platform. Error 2063 requires the customer to verify that his payment information is accurate and up to date. Subscribers become irritated when this happens because they use the same payment information to make payments on other platforms. There is no need to panic when this happens as it is mostly a temporary glitch on the side of Amazon. You must give information about any other payment account to get rid of this issue. You can also talk to the Prime customer service number to get a resolution for your problem.

Error 7235

This is a problem faced by subscribers using Amazon service on their Chromebooks. Error 7235 says that the WidevineCdm component is missing in Chrome. Go to Settings in your Chromebook and update the operating system. If any updates are available, Chrome will download and install them on your device. You can also check for the above-mentioned component in your browser and check for an updated version. It is always a good idea to talk at the toll-free number for Amazon if your problem persists.

Inability to watch a live event on your smartphone

Amazon Prime is the official broadcaster of an event but you cannot watch the event on your smartphone. This is an issue faced by many subscribers. It may be because of an old and outdated version of the Amazon Prime Video app you have on your device. Get the latest version of Amazon Prime by updating the app and you should be able to watch the event live. Search for the latest version depending on the App store or Playstore depending on whether you are using an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Try Amazon customer service please if you still can’t watch the event.

Unknown Amazon Prime charges

It is a common grouse of many Amazon Prime subscribers that they are slapped with charges for services that they have not requested. They are unable to recognize the charges applied to them. If you are facing this issue, it is a good idea to get the details of the payment you make to Amazon Prime by visiting your orders section in your Amazon Prime account. You can view all charges applied to you by looking at Channels’ invoice.

Many times, customers are unaware of the purchases made by someone in their family having access to their Amazon Prime account. It is better to check with your loved ones if they have made a purchase from Amazon Prime. It has been found that in most of these cases, a purchase has been made by kids unintentionally. You can get rid of this problem by setting up a separate kids’ profile in your Amazon Prime account.

If the problem persists, it is better to talk directly to a representative by dialing the phone number for Amazon Prime customer service.

Error 5014 or 5016

This is another common issue faced by subscribers of Amazon Prime. Most customers make use of a PIN to keep their accounts safe from hackers. However, the same PIN creates problems for them when they try to access their account using them. There is no need to press the panic button when you enter the PIN and you get to see Error 5014 or Error 5016 flashed on the screen of your device. It is because this issue gets resolved on its own if you wait for some time.

If the problem is not resolved, it is better to change your PIN by going to Accounts and then to Parental Controls. Resetting the PIN usually solves the problem. However, you need to talk to Prime’s customer service number if you are still facing the same issue.

The problem of lagging and buffering

Do your videos lag and buffer at times to cause irritation? This is a common issue faced by customers when streaming their favorite movies and series on Amazon Prime Video. It is natural for anyone to feel annoyed if the video becomes choppy or he is forced to see the circle of doom when watching a movie. The first thing to do in such a situation is to conduct a speed test of the internet service you are using.

If you are watching the content of standard quality, your download speed should be at least 1.0 MB per second. The download speeds should be 5 MB/sec and 15 MB/sec if you are watching the content in high definition and 4K respectively. If your download speeds are less than these limits, you will experience lagging and buffering on Amazon Prime. If you have checked the download speeds and they are found to be high, the problem lies somewhere else.


Is your TV running on a feature called motion smoothing? If yes, it could result in lagging and buffering, especially if the movie or the web series was shot at 24 frames per second. Disable motion smoothing in your TV to get rid of buffering and lagging.

If your problem is not resolved, you can contact customer care at Amazon.

Is Amazon Prime worth its annual membership fee?

The annual subscription to Amazon Prime costs $139. If you choose to pay in monthly installments, they charge $14.99 per month. Despite being expensive, it is still the most popular streaming service around the world. The number of Amazon Prime members is increasing with each passing day. There are many reasons why customers love Amazon Prime. Let us check whether Amazon Prime is really worth it.

The membership gives you much more in return

As a customer, you stand to gain a lot if you buy an annual membership of Amazon Prime. J P Morgan said in 2018 that the real value of an Amazon Prime membership is $785. Five years down the line, this value must have gone up much higher. Just look at the benefits like two-hour grocery delivery, 1-day free shipping, Prime Video and Prime Music, and a world of discounts and offers and you will agree that the benefits far outweigh the cost we pay for the annual membership. You can get details of all these benefits from Amazon Prime number.

Huge savings on shopping

If you shop online, which most people do in these times, you would pay shipping charges if you do not have this annual subscription of Amazon Prime. Normal shipping charges vary between $4 and $10. People not having an Amazon Prime subscription pay hundreds of dollars every year on shipping alone. Just look at what people are paying on shipping and you realize the kind of savings you are enjoying with Amazon Prime membership. An average consumer saves hundreds of dollars every year with a subscription to Amazon Prime. You can confirm these shopping benefits by talking on phone number for Amazon Prime customer service.

Groceries at your doorstep in just two hours

Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods are the two services run by Amazon Prime that deliver fresh groceries to the doorsteps of its customers in just two hours. Imagine the time and money you save by not taking out your car and driving it in tough traffic conditions.

Entertainment for your living room

You get to enjoy the latest movies and TV shows in HD quality through Amazon Prime Video. There are Amazon Originals in addition to many popular movies and TV shows. Of course, not all content is free. But you can view anything not available for free by paying a small amount of money. For music lovers, there are more than 2 million titles available on Prime Music. If one subscribes to Netflix and Spotify Premium, the price is more than double the annual subscription fee of Amazon Prime.

Free video games and Twitch subscription

With a subscription to Amazon Prime, you get to enjoy Twitch game streaming service and hundreds of free video games that include shooting games, puzzle games, RPGs, and puzzle games. For those fond of gaming, the annual subscription to Amazon Prime is worth the money for all the enjoyment it brings to them. Customer care Amazon will give you all details about gaming benefits.

Free storage space for your photos and videos

You can save as many photos as you want from different devices on Amazon Photos, a free service courtesy of Amazon Prime. There is no need to buy extra storage space from Google. You can use this feature to save your photos and also your money. In addition to photos, you also get free storage space of 5 GB for your videos. As Amazon Photos is pre-installed on all Amazon devices, you can view your photos anytime you so desire.

How Assistance for All can help

Assistance for All is the most popular and reliable tech support agency in the country. You can find a quick and authentic resolution for all your issues related to Amazon Prime by talking to a qualified professional from the company.

Membership Inclusions: Amazing Amazon Prime membership benefits you should know about

Amazon Prime Video is undoubtedly one of the leading streaming services along with Netflix. You pay $118 for its annual membership whereas Netflix is charging its members $108 per year. You get a whole lot of other benefits when you subscribe to an Amazon Prime membership apart from live streaming and a fabulous free shipping offer for shopping on Amazon.  

Free shipping

Buy an Amazon Prime membership if you have become frustrated with all the shipping charges slapped on you by online shopping websites. Forget the old offer of two-day shipping as Amazon Prime has upgraded this offer to an overnight shipping facility on most of its products. If you are not in a hurry, you can choose the No Rush option that fetches an extra $1 credit to you which you can avail of while buying digital products from Amazon later on. You can even get all your groceries in just two hours at no extra cost with an Amazon Prime membershipIf you have placed a preorder for a tech product or your favorite author’s book, Amazon Prime membership makes sure you get it on the day of its releaseGet full details from the Amazon Prime customer care number. 

Alluring shopping benefits

If you buy products from Amazon in any case, you get to enjoy amazing shopping benefits with an Amazon Prime membership. All your groceries and other household products are delivered to you either free or at a very low delivery cost. You pay zero delivery charges if your bill is more than $35 and a flat $5.99 for orders less than $35. Dial the toll-free number for Amazon to know everything about shopping deals and offers.

Get to know all exclusive deals from Alexa

If you are using Fire or any version of Alxa, simply ask Alexa about deals and it will tell you about all the mouthwatering deals for Amazon Prime members. You don’t need to buy it through Alexa but you become aware of all the great deals you are eligible for. Customer care Amazon can give you all details about this facility.

Amazon Store Card

If you don’t know, an Amazon Prime membership makes you eligible for an Amazon Store Card that fetches an extra cashback of 5% on almost every purchase you make on Amazon. You also get financing at zero % interest for your shopping at Amazon with this card. Talk to Amazon Prime number for all the details about this card.

Amazon Prime membership makes you eligible for early access to lightning deals announced by Amazon on some products from time to time. Lightning deals end quickly or as long as stocks last so it is wonderful to be ahead of all nonsubscribers, by 30 minutes. Enquire about this fabulous deal from Amazon Prime 800 number.

In addition to watching all the movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, your Prime membership also gives you a free storage facility to store your photos and videos on the cloud. You also get access to Amazon Prime Reading which means free ebooks and many magazines for your reading pleasures.

Importance of Amazon Prime Assistance?

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service offered by Amazon that gives customers access to a wide range of benefits, including free and fast shipping, streaming of movies, TV shows, and music, and access to a large lending library of ebooks. Customer service and assistance is an important aspect of Amazon Prime because it helps to ensure that customers are able to get the most out of their membership and have a positive experience with the service.


There are a number of ways that Amazon Prime customers can get assistance, including through the Amazon website, the Amazon app, and by contacting Amazon customer service. Amazon’s customer service team is available 24/7 to help answer questions, resolve issues, and provide support to customers. 

Some of the ways that Amazon’s customer service team can assist Amazon Prime customers to include:

  • Providing information about Amazon Prime benefits and how to access them
  • Helping with orders, returns, and exchanges
  • Assisting with account and payment issues
  • Resolving problems with streaming content or accessing ebooks
  • Providing technical support for using Amazon’s website and app

Amazon Prime Video, also known by some users as Amazon Instant Video, is a streaming service that is free with Amazon Prime. You can watch movies, TV shows, and original series on Amazon Prime Video free of charge. There are apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, PS4, Xbox One, smart TV, and other devices. Any problem that may occur can be solved by giving us a call.

Customers can run into Amazon Prime Video streaming problems, and connection problems and may see Amazon Prime Video error codes while trying to use the service. 

In most cases the problem is in your home or with the app on the device you are using. Sometimes Amazon does go down. For this reason Amazon Prime Assistance exists. Give us a call for any query.

Amazon Prime Assistance is for any issues people suffer while watching their favorite videos online. 6 common issues that generally shows up while watching videos on amazon prime.

Amazon Prime Support

Frequent Problems you may get which our Amazon prime assistance team can surely help:


Try again later

Video service disconnected

Server down

Streaming problems

Download problem

Difficulty accessing Amazon Prime benefits

Order or delivery issues

Account or payment issues

Streaming or ebook access problems

Technical support

These issues are the most common while watching videos on Amazon prime. Not all amazon prime related issues are because of the Amazon interface, sometimes there might be some issues related to the internet not workingThe support we provide on Amazon prime assistance is fixes all sorts of the problem which a customer may suffer through. Give us a call and one of our executives will help you out with any kind of problem you may be suffering through.

Overall, Amazon Prime customer service and assistance is an important part of the Amazon Prime experience and help to ensure that customers are able to get the most out of their membership.

New In Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is constantly adding new benefits and features to its subscription service to enhance the customer experience and provide value to its members. Some examples of new features and benefits that have been added to Amazon Prime in the past include:

Expanded free shipping options: Amazon has continually expanded the range of products that are eligible for free shipping to Amazon Prime members. This includes not only items sold by Amazon but also products sold by third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Prime

Prime Video:

Amazon Prime members have access to a large selection of movies, TV shows, and original content through Prime Video. Amazon is continually adding new content to Prime Video, including exclusive movies and TV shows that are only available to Prime members.

Prime Music:

Amazon Prime members can stream a wide selection of music through Prime Music, including playlists and radio stations. Amazon is always adding new music to Prime Music to keep the selection fresh and up-to-date.

Prime Reading:

Amazon Prime members have access to a large selection of ebooks, magazines, and other digital reading material through Prime Reading. Amazon is always adding new titles to Prime Reading to ensure that there is always something new for members to read.

Prime Pantry:

Prime Pantry is a service that allows Amazon Prime members to purchase groceries and household items at discounted prices and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Prime Now:

Prime Now is a service that offers Amazon Prime members ultra-fast delivery of select items in select cities. With Prime Now, members can get delivery of items in as little as one hour.

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