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If you are using an Android OS based smartphone, you know how fast and efficient it is. It keeps you connected all the time and helps you in doing a lot of things from browsing and chatting to buying online and booking service. But what do you do when your smartphone behaves erratically or starts to show error messages? This is a common problem faced by millions of users around the country at one point of
time or the other. You have come to the right place if you are looking for quick and efficient Android assistance.

Most Common Issues Faced by Android Users

Mobile Screen Turns Blank

Android Screen Turns Blank

You are running an app on your Android smartphone and it suddenly shows a blank screen, causing a lot of irritation. You cannot get back to your app or any other program even after touching the back button or the home button. Most people become annoyed when they see a blank screen and do not know what to do. If this happens to you, there is no need to worry. A toll free service to resolve common error issues of Android users around the country. This Android assistance service will give you the solution to fix the problem of screen going blank problem.

Android App Not Working

App Crashing Issues

This is a common Android error faced by many customers. They try to open an app by touching its icon on the screen but it does not open. It can be very annoying especially if you want to get some urgent information through the app. The problem is created by cached data inside the app that makes your phone to be out of sync with web interface. However, there I no need to panic as you can easily resolve the issue by contacting Android assistance contact. Just follow the instructions given by the engineer to clear the cached data inside the app to be able to use the app once again smoothly. This way you can easily get rid of app
not working

Google Play Store Crashing

Google Play Store Crashing

You wish to download and install one of your favorite apps available on Play Store. You touch the Play Store icon but instead of opening, you get an error message that Play Store has crashed. This can be very annoying as you know that your desired app is there in the Play Store and you can download it only if get to it through
Play Store. You try again and again but find Play Store crashing. There is no need to worry about your inability to open Play Store. There is nothing wrong with your smartphone and the fault lies in the corrupt cached data inside the Play Store app. It only requires wiping the cache in the app to make it work normally once again. If you cannot fix the error yourself, it is prudent to contact Android Centre to get rid of this issue. Dial the number mentioned above and explain your problem to the engineer who attends your call. He will give you step by step instructions to resolve the problem. Resolve your Google Play Store crashing problem this way in quick time.

Unable to Install Any App on Android Device

App Not Installed

There are lots of Android smartphone users who are unable to install their favorite apps form Google Store even after finding them there. This can be very frustrating when they seen the error message that Google Play Store could not install their desired app. This is not a big problem requiring any servicing of your smartphone. Do not even think of changing your smartphone just because it is unable to install your favorite app from Play Store. All you need is a little help from Android tech support service. Contact the number of Android Care from wherever you are inside the company. Explain your problem and get quick and authentic resolution of your issue. Google Play Store not installing app issue can be resolved easily in this manner.

Android Phone Losing Connectivity Issues

This is a very common problem encountered by Android smartphone users at times. If you are trying to open any net based app for information or entertainment and it is not opening, the culprit might be the lost internet connection. Check your Wi-Fi or the mobile internet connection. If it is working all right, you should turn
your phone off and on to see if you get back connectivity. If connectivity is not restored, you might need to update your operating system to the latest available version. If you do not know how to update your OS, it is prudent to take help from Android support service. Dial the number to explain your problem. You will get a detailed and step by step instruction guide form the engineer to update your Android OS. This should resolve your issue of phone losing internet connection frequently.

Reinstalling Accidentally Disabled Apps

Many Android smartphone users, in their desire to free up storage space inside their devices, click on uninstall icon after opening the app in the settings of their phone. The thing to remember here is that you cannot uninstall the basic apps that are already there inside your device. You need to have root access to your
device to uninstall these basic apps. By clicking on uninstall, you only disable these basic apps instead of deleting them from your device. If you wish to enable such disabled apps but do not know how to it, you can get authentic help form Android support service. Talk to the qualified engineer by dialing the toll free number of the tech support agency and explain your problem. He will give you a quick solution to reinstall accidentally disabled apps inside settings.

For these and many other similar problems commonly encountered by Android 12 smartphone users, you are better off contacting the number of the agency care number mentioned above. We have helped thousands of Android smartphone users around the country. You can quickly and easily solve your Android error issues using this service that remains open on a 24X7 basis.