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Official Apple Support

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20 Common Issues with Apple devices and Their Easy Solutions

Apple’s iPhones are regarded as a status symbol by their proud owners around the world. These smartphones are indeed packed with a state of the art technology and exciting features. However, owners often face some issues with these gadgets which are only natural given the fact that they are technology-based products. In this article, we will discuss the top 20 issues faced by iPhone users and their solutions.

BSOD and iPhones

Some users are shocked when they can’t see the Apple logo on the screen of their iPhones. It is nothing but the infamous Black Screen of Death commonly associated with Windows. Don’t worry; you can overcome this issue by restarting your iPhone or going for a factory reset of your smartphone.

If your iPhone still doesn’t function normally, you might require an update of the firmware of your iPhone. However, do not try DFU unless you have a backup of your phone on iCloud or iTunes as this kind of booting may result in the loss of your data. Take help from the Apple support telephone number if you are not able to solve the problem.

Overheating of iPhone

Some iPhone owners panic upon getting the message iPhone needs to cool down before they can use it. It is a warning message alerting the owners that their gadgets have become too hot and they can experience problems. Some iPhones have exploded and caught fire after becoming hot. This is the reason why you must not take this issue lightly.

If your iPhone has become hot, try shutting it off for some time to allow it to cool down. You can also turn off some applications like Bluetooth and take your iPhone to a cooler environment to allow it to cool down. Take off the cover of your phone and reset it to get rid of the heating problem. You can also update the software to the latest iOS to avoid overheating your phone. Call the Apple help desk for support.

Not connecting to Wi-Fi

If you are experiencing slow Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi in your iPhone, the easiest solution is to turn off and restart it. You can also try pressing and holding the lock and home buttons until you see the Apple logo on the screen of your phone. You will find that your iPhone has been connected to Wi-Fi after restarting. If the problem still persists, go to settings and then to Wi-Fi. Now change the settings from HTTP proxy to auto settings. Your iPhone should connect to Wi-Fi after this.

Take help from Apple ID customer service if the problem still persists.

Error 3194 (iTunes)

Error 3194 is an issue that is not very common but still troubles thousands of iPhone owners. It takes place when some iPhone owners try to restore or upgrade the software of their devices and get an iOS that is not compatible with their hardware. This error is also encountered by some iPhone owners when they are trying to jailbreak their devices.

The solution to iTunes error 3194 lies in getting rid of some of the files of the software. If the problem still persists, you need to reset your iPhone to factory settings. You can also ask for help from Apple phone number support.

Crashing camera roll

Camera roll crash is a common problem encountered by thousands of iPhone owners. It takes place because of a shortage of space and results in a loss of your precious images and video clips. This issue also stops owners to do anything with the photos and videos stored in their iPhones.

The easiest way to deal with this issue is to opt for factory settings for your iPhone. As there is a risk of losing all your photos and videos in a factory reset, it is prudent to take a backup of your iPhone on iCloud or iTunes first. You can also make use of third-party data recovery software if you don’t want to lose your photos and videos.

Phone stuck at Apple logo

Many iPhone owners face the problem of their devices being stuck at the Apple logo. You can overcome this problem by resorting to a hard reset of your iPhone. The method of hard reset varies depending on your iPhone model. For iPhone 8 and higher models, you need to press and hold first the volume up button and then the volume down button. Now press the side button until you can see the logo of Apple on your screen.

ISP not showing on your iPhone

Many iPhone owners cannot make or receive calls on their devices as they don’t see any cellular connection. It could be a network-related problem or an outage experienced by your service provider. If everything is alright with your service provider, you need to reset the network setting on your iPhone to overcome sluggish or no connection problems.

After a reset of network settings, you should be able to see cellular connections working on your iPhone. You can also call Apple customer service for help.

Cracked iPhone screen

Many iPhone owners face the problem of a cracked screen after a slip or a fall of their device. It can be very annoying for the owner though he can continue to make use of the phone and its features. The best way of dealing with a cracked screen is to visit customer service at Apple.

Changing the screen once it is cracked is the best solution for this problem. Make sure you approach a reliable dealer for the replacement of the screen of your iPhone.

Non-working iPhone camera

Is the camera of your iPhone not working? It could be a result of some restrictions that are enabled on your phone. You need to turn on camera settings by going to general settings on your iPhone. Check whether the camera of your iPhone is on or not. It should start working with this easy step. Reset the phone if your camera is still not working. You must take help from a reliable Apple store customer service if the problem lies with the hardware of your iPhone.

Data loss from iPhone

Data loss is another common problem faced by many iPhone owners. It is natural for you to feel frustrated if and when this happens. The good thing is you can get back all your files back easily if you have the backup of your phone on iCloud or iTunes. Do not press the panic button if you do not find your data even on iCloud after syncing. You might require help from an expert at Apple support customer service to retrieve your lost iPhone data.

Not getting updated to the latest iOS

Many of the problems faced by iPhone users are caused by outdated software in their devices. The easiest way of dealing with this issue is to connect your phone to a PC or Mac and rest it to factory settings. Just click on yes to receive an upgrade to the latest iOS once your phone is in recovery mode.

You will find that most of your problems with your iPhone are gone once it receives the newest version of iOS.

Random crashing or freezing of iOS apps

Freezing and crashing of apps on iPhones is a rather common issue faced by many owners. It usually happens when the app is outdated and no longer supported by the software.

Simply visit the App store and get the latest updated version of the app you want to use to get rid of this problem. You will not experience crashing or freezing if the version of the app is the latest.

Fast battery drainage

Most iPhone owners complain that the battery of their phone drains pretty quickly. It happens because owners download and install too many apps that keep draining the battery all the time. You can control the problem of battery drainage to a large extent by removing apps that are rarely used. However, if you find the battery of your iPhone draining even after removing such apps, it is a good idea to take help from a reliable Apple tech support number.

Charging problems of iPhone

Many iPhone owners say that their devices don’t begin charging even after plugging into a power source. It usually happens when dust or debris gets deposited on the charging port. Wipe it gently using a soft cotton cloth and you find that your iPhone begins charging after it has been plugged into a power source. If it is still not charging, the problem might lie in your charging cable.

You can also restart the iPhone or factory reset the device to get rid of this problem. Contact a reliable Apple support number if the charging problem still persists.

Bluetooth issues with iPhone

A large number of iPhone owners complain about Bluetooth not working on their devices. It is a minor issue that can be resolved easily. All you have to do is to go to Settings and choose the option of resetting all settings. Once you do this, your saved settings will be forgotten and Bluetooth will start to work on your iPhone.

Data backup issues

Do you feel your data is not getting backed up on iCloud? If this is the case, you need to check if you have exceeded the storage capacity allotted to you. Deleting some of your data might help in this case. Get rid of unwanted photos, videos, and apps to overcome the issue of data backup.

If you want to keep the data, it is a good idea to upgrade the storage capacity allotted to you. Also, check if a newer version of iOS is available or not. Change your network settings and passwords as they are also responsible sometimes for data backup issues.

Touch screen issues

Touch screen not responding is a common issue reported by many iPhone owners. If you cannot operate your iPhone with your touch, you must restart the phone. Another good way to get rid of this problem is to charge the device for some time. However, the problem lies in the hardware of the device if it is not responding to your touch because of a cracked screen. The touch screen issue will be resolved after you get the screen replaced at the nearest Apple customer care.

Slow iPhone

You will be surprised to know that many owners complain about the slow speed of their iPhones. There is no need to worry if your iPhone has become slow as it is a result of an excessive amount of data in your phone. You can easily solve this problem by removing useless apps, photos, videos, and cache accumulated in various apps. Do not forget to remove the browser cache and history also to speed up your iPhone.

Volume button not working

It is natural for you to feel irritated by the loud sound of the incoming call when you are attending a conference or sitting in your office. If you find that the volume button of your iPhone has stuck and not responding to touch, it is a good idea to switch to airplane mode. You can also try to mute all sounds on your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can opt for assistive mode by going to settings and turning it on under accessibility.

Damage caused by water

It is a nightmare for any iPhone owner to find his device getting wet because of rain or an accidental fall in the water. The first thing to do in such a scenario is to take your phone out of the water and wipe excess water from its body. Put your moist phone under rice in a bowl so that excess water gets absorbed. Contact the nearest Apple customer service if the phone is still not working.

Get more and do more with iPhone 14

Apple has launched its latest iPhone 14 which is faster, more powerful, and full of exciting new features. It is a sleek new mean machine designed to kill the competition. Here is a look at some of the important specifications and features of the iPhone 14 to let you decide whether you should go for it or not. 

Form factor

The new iPhone 14 has dimensions of 146.7X71.5X7.8 mm and weighs just 172 g. It has an aluminum frame and Corning-made glass at the front. This new smartphone is dust and water-repellant and it can survive for up to 30 minutes if it gets submerged in water for up to 6 meters.

Faster processing with a more powerful processor

The new iPhone 14 has a screen size of 6.1 inches with a retina display that gives a resolution of 1170X2532 pixels. It is powered by Apple A15 bionic chipset for faster and smoother processing.

Bigger memory

Apple’s iPhone 14 comes in two variants with 128 GB and 256 GB memory options. Both variants have a massive 6 GB RAM to allow for a faster and smoother browsing and processing.

Better, improved camera

For photography fans, iPhone 14 is the ultimate smartphone. It has a 12 MP wide angle rear camera to take beautiful selfies and make video calls. The front camera of iPhone 14 captures stunning photos and videos in HD quality.

Quick charging, longer life battery

Apple has packed iPhone 14 with a massive 3279mAh battery that lasts long. It charges quickly in minutes to allow you to do more with your phone.

The new smartphone from Apple is packed with many exciting features and functionalities such as Face ID, barometer, compass, proximity, and stereo speakers. If you are desirous of learning more about them, contact Assistance for All. We are the most popular and reliable tech support agency operating in the country.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for quick and efficient Android assistance.

Apple adds exciting new features in iOS 16

Diehard Apple fans all over the world wait patiently for the release of the new version of iOS every year. Apple works hard to come up to the expectations of its customers. With iOS 16, the Cupertino-based tech giant has introduced exciting new features to make the iPhone even more intelligent and smooth. Here is a look at some of these features and functionalities.

Do more with your iPhone camera

With iOS 16, portraits become sharper, clearer, and classier. You can blur the foreground to take stunning portraits of your loved ones. The cinematic mode in your iPhone enhances the depth-of-field effect, especially around the edges of the hair and glasses of the subjects.

Have more fun with an improved Game Center

Keep an eye on the achievements and activities of your friends with the newly enhanced and revamped Game Center. You can begin playing with your friends while making a FaceTime call if you have iOS 16 on your iPhone. Contact Apple customer service if you are facing any difficulties.

No limit to creativity with Freeform

In iOS 16, you get a flexible canvas in the form of Freeform. Draw anything on this canvas and collaborate with your friends through FaceTime call as if you were in front of a whiteboard along with them. You can draw on this canvas even when you are on a move.

More convenient video calls with FaceTime

Meet your friends and loved ones on the web as if they were with you. Transfer these calls to your iPad or Mac and interact with others without having to hold your iPhone in your hands. You can even start to collaborate with your friends in Notes, Files, Safari, Reminder, and all other supported third-party apps while making a video call. Take help from the Apple support number to use this feature in iOS 16.

Stay in touch with contacts with iOS 16

The latest operating system allows you to see any unread messages sent by your contacts right on your Home Screen. You also see notifications of all missed calls on the Home Screen which means you will never forget to communicate with your contacts.

Smart accessibility features in iOS 16

You can now control all the features of your Apple Watch directly from your iPhone with an exciting new feature called Smart control in iOS 16. With Magnifier, you can read all signs and labels on a door and know how to open and close it through your smartphone. Buddy controller makes it possible to get help from your friends to overcome hurdles in any game with the help of your friends. Apple tech support number can help you in using the accessibility feature.

Next level of CarPlay

You can now communicate deeply with all digital systems of your car using the all-new CarPlay feature of your iOS 16. Control the HVAC and the radio in your car according to your requirements with the increased personalization feature of CarPlay.

Reach your fitness goals easily with iOS16

There is no need to buy an Apple Watch to increase your fitness levels. The motion sensors in your iPhone track your fitness by counting the distance covered and the calories burnt when you use third-party apps. It also reminds you about your medications whether you take them once or several times a day.

Upcoming products from the stable of Apple

Apple has always tried to exceed the expectations of its customers by remaining two steps ahead of its competitors. Millions of customers remain excited and wait patiently for the launch of new iPhones, Mac, and iPads from Apple every year.

All new Mac series for the workaholics

Apple announced a switch from Intel processors to its own processors in its laptops in June 2020. In the last 2-3 years, the Cupertino based tech giant has updated many of its Macs including Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Studio, and Mac Book Air. The company announced M2 chip for its Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro in 2022.It is expected that Apple would announce the launch of M2 iMac and M2 Pro iMac at WWDC 2023. There are also rumors of launch of Mac Pro with a faster processor called M2 Ultra or M2 Extreme in 2023. There are also speculations doing rounds about Apple launching a bigger 15 inch Mac Book Air in 2023.

New iPads for the lovers of tablets

Apple is planning to launch an all new 7th generation iPad mini in 2023. There are also rumors about a bigger iPad Pro. A 14 inch iPad Pro could see the light of the day in fall 2023.

New iPhones

Apple is all set to launch its new series of iPhones this year. New iPhone 15 (Pro Max, Pro, and Plus) will be launched by the company in fall 2023. There are also rumors about a bigger iPhone called iPhone SE Plus.

Along with these products, Apple is all set to introduce products in new categories. These include Apple Watch series 9, touch screen Home Pod, Mixed Reality headset, and a new gaming console.

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