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Apple iOS is regarded as the most advanced operating system of the world. Millions of proud iPhone and iPad users around the country enjoy its speed and seamless performance to stay connected and to make their lives easier. However, it is possible for any consumers to have issues with the version of iOS that is installed in his iPhone or iPad. If this happens to you and you are not apple to get across the manufacturer, do not worry. Help and support for iOS is available to you on phone. No matter what your problem concerning iOS, we are there to resolve your queries, doubts, and issues. We are the most reliable Apple iOS tech support agency and we aim to help all iPhone and iPad users around the country.  

Trouble Downloading App from Store

App Download Issue in iOS Devices

This is a very common problem encountered by iPhone users around the country. They visit the App Store and choose the app they wish to download but fail to download and install the app in their smartphones. They check their internet connection but find that it is working alright. There is no need to try downloading the app from anywhere else on the web as the trouble lies with your operating system. Just contact our iOS help centre and explain your problem. You will get step by step instructions from our representative. Follow his commands on your iPhone and you should be able to download your favorite app without any problem.

Phone Asks for Passcode After Update

iOS Passcode Error

This is another problem that is very common among iPhone users. Apple introduces updates to iOS every now and then that add new features and enhance the user experience. If you are trying to update your iOS to iOS 12 and get an error message on your acre that asks for phone passcode, there is no need to panic. Your phone is not faulty and the process of update is also correct. Many a times update to iOS 12 is not successful because of shortage of memory in the phone. Many people try entering 1234 or 123456 as their passcode and surprisingly their problem is resolved. If this is not the case, and your phone is asking for a passcode after update it is prudent to contact iOS help line to get a resolution to your problem.

Not Getting Notifications from Apps on iOS

iOS App Notifications

For smartphone users, receiving notifications from their social accounts and other apps is very important. They reach for their iPhone as soon as they hear the ringtone of notification to open the app and check what has happened. If your smartphone stops alerting you through notifications for some of the apps like Instagram or Whatsapp, it may become very boring for you to keep on checking your phone every 5 minutes or so. However, there is nothing to worry as this is not a big problem as just a few changes in the settings might resolve the issue for you. If you do not know how to reactivate notification for an app, it is prudent to get in touch with iOS help line to find a solution to your problem. Your iOS notifications issue is not a big problem to take your phone to a service centre or your dealer.

Phone Restarting Without Any Command

iOS Restart Problem

It is very frustrating for many iPhone users to find that their device restarts after a few hours without any reason. Some individuals think that it is because of their battery going down that the phone decides to restart itself. If you are perplexed and do not know what to do, you should ask for help from us. It is a very minor problem in the operating system that can be fixed by following certain commands on your phone. If you are experiencing iOS restarting problem, do not panic and replace your phone with a new one. Your problem will be resolved in an authentic manner by our trained engineer if you call up and explain your problem to our engineer.  

iOS Hanging Your Phone

You are habitual multitasking individual and like to open several apps and keep on switching from one app to another. Although Apple has designed your iPhone to make sure it continues to perform smoothly even when you are multitasking, it is not uncommon for the operating system to behave erratically under these conditions. If this happens once in a while and you can overcome the problem by switching the phone off and on, there is no need to worry. However, iPhone restarting without any reason frequently indicates that its operating system has developed an issue that needs fixing. This problem can hamper with your entertainment and also lower your productivity. Instead of going to the dealer from whom you purchased your iPhone, it is a good idea to seek help from a reliable tech support agency. Your ‘iOS hanging the phone’ problem will be gone forever after you make changes in the settings as instructed by the engineer on the phone.

Some iOS Features Not Working

If you ask any iPhone owner, he will tell you that he loves his smartphone because of exciting iOS features not found in smartphones working on any other operating system. In such a case, it becomes very irritating for an individual to find that some of his most loved iOS features are not working in his iPhone. It could be because of some bug that makes your iOS behave in an unpredictable manner. If you are unable to use a few features on your iPhone that you love the most, do not make the mistake of changing the device. Your problem can be easily fixed by making some changes in settings of your iOS.

For these and similar other problems that you may face with your iOS, you always have quick and authentic help from Assistance for All. We are the most reputed tech support agency in the country. Just dial 1-877-916-7666 to talk to our engineer. You will get a resolution of your Apple iOS related issue in a quick time.

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