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You have come to the right place if you have no idea how to resolve Blue screen errors. These errors, also popularly known as blue screen of death, are a big problem faced by many users of Windows operating system in their computers. When a user sees a blue screen instead of the files and apps stored on his desktop, it is scary sight for him as he cannot proceed to work normally on the computer. Most people start to panic as they do not know what to do in such a situation. However, there is no need to worry if you encounter blur screen of death.

What is Blue Screen Error?

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An Example of Blue Screen Error

Most people become frightened when they see a blank blue screen on their desktop. Even those who considered themselves as tech savvy do not know what to do with their mouse to fix this problem. There is a blue screen instead of their usual wallpaper with an error message that says Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We are just collecting some error info and then we will restart for you. Users also see a sad emoji and a QR code for troubleshooting. According to Wikipedia, a blue screen error is a fatal system error that indicates a crash of the system. It means that the operating system of the Windows based computer has reached a condition where it is unable to continue in a safe manner. If you see a blue screen error, you should consider it as a signal that your computer has stopped working to prevent further damages to the system. Such an error actually freezes your computer and it is time for you to contact blue screen crash help number.

What are the reasons behind blue screen error?

There are not one but many kinds of blue screen errors. This is why they are also referred to by their acronym BSOD or BSODs. There can be many reasons why a user sees a blue screen error but whatever the reason; it is a clear signal that the system has met with a serious problem from which it cannot recover on its own. It is a critical error that usually results from faulty hardware or some software crashing. At times, blue screen issue is a result of faulty drivers. These drivers of low level software crash into kernel of Windows. BSOD does not happen with regular apps as they do not interfere with the Windows OS whenever they crash. But a low level program can take Windows OS along with it when it crashes. There are also blue screen error issues taking place because of timing, high temperatures, corrupt registries, and even viruses infecting the system.

Why you need support for Blue Screen Errors

Once your system has crashed or reached a critical point where its health falls below a threshold point, you are likely to see the dreaded blue screen error message. It is an alert message from your operating system to stop and do something for the problem it is facing. You need not call any professional to attend to this problem. It will waste a lot of your time and money. Instead, the easiest way to get rid of this issue is to get in touch with a reputed blue screen error support service. Of course, it is a technical issue and needs an authentic resolution so that you do not see this dreaded message again on your computer. In fact, you should not try to enter the set up or the boot menu in a bid to resolve the blue screen error message on your own. You can easily damage your system even further, making it very difficult for even a specialist to recover and restore the system to its original position.

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How can we help in resolution of blue screen error?

If you unfortunately encounter a blue screen of death, you become terrified as you do not know what to do next. Also, all your work comes to a grinding halt as you cannot work normally on your computer. It can be annoying and frustrating for a while but you can resolve the issue with our help through telephone. There are 4 primary components of any blue screen error message. They are as follows. The error message itself that you can see and read Loaded memory modules Unloaded memory modules carrying no errors Debug status of kernel (current) When you contact us on phone, our engineer tries to understand these error codes that are usually associated with driver data. These error codes often come with troubleshooting tips. Our engineer realizes the root cause of the problem with the help of these troubleshooting tips. He then asks you to reboot the system to make sure that your blue screen error message is gone. Just follow his instructions and read out the event log data so that he knows the real cause behind your blue screen error issue. You should be able to get rid of the dreaded blue screen error message following application of simple steps suggested by our engineer.

How to contact us for BSOD support

We are one of the most highly rated blue screen error support agencies operating in the country. We have helped thousands of our clients in dealing with the blue screen error issues they have encountered in their Windows based computers. No matter where you are in the U.S, simply call us to reach our blue screen error help line. Your call is responded to by our qualified and experienced engineer in a prompt manner. Just explain your problem and follow the instructions given by him to let him understand the root cause of the issue. He will then give you a quick and authentic resolution of your problem so that you are able to get rid of blue screen error message and able to use the system normally once again.