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Backup and recovery has become a huge necessity for many organizations to ensure safety and security of their important data. It is actually a process of creating and then making copies of data which is then stored for quick and easy retrieval in future when needed. It can be nothing less than a nightmare for a business to learn that its important data has been lost, whether accidentally or because of theft. If and when this happens, it can spell disaster for a business in terms of loss of time as well as clients. These are the reasons why data backup and recovery is so important for most of the businesses. In fact, a reliable and experienced data backup and recovery support has become a necessity for most businesses operating in the country today. You have come to the right place if you are worried about data failure or loss in your business and looking for a reliable and trusted data backup and recovery software.

Data Recovery Support

Reasons Why Data Backup and Recovery is so Important

In all businesses, data is stored digitally. There is always this risk of data loss because of hardware or software failure. Technology cannot be relied upon absolutely. Data corruption is a common occurrence and there is always threat to the data of a company form hackers and malware. There are also accidents like fire, vandalism, and also theft to lead to data loss, bringing a business to a grinding halt. Data backup and recovery creates a copy of the data of a business and stores it safely so that it can be used in case something goes wrong with primary data source. If a business has resorted to data backup and recovery, it can face the worst situation of data loss by retrieving data up to a point from the back up copy. If you are the owner of a business, you know that everything is not lost in case data becomes corrupt or it is lost due to an accident or mechanical failure. This is when you have availed services of a data backup and recovery support company.

Different Kinds of Backups

In the simplest of words, data backup and recovery is a process where the data of a company is copied and stored in an onsite or off site medium. But there are different types of backups and understanding them is necessary to know which type of backup is relevant and necessary for your business. In general there are these 4 types of backups that are mostly used by businesses to safeguard against any loss, corruption, or theft.

  • Data backup
  • System backup
  • Database backup
  • Email backup

Among these 4 types of backups, it is data backup that is most basic and common. In fact, it is what people think of whenever they hear the phrase data backup and recovery system. In this backup, all or some files of a business are copied and saved on  separate medium to be made available for retrieval later on in case of a data loss or failure. This kind of back up works in all cases of data loss whether a file has been accidentally deleted by an employee or a fire engulfed the office gutting all the files.

system image backup
System Image Backup Procedure

The 2nd type of backup refers to system backup and recovery. In this type of backup, it is not just the data of the business that is copied and stored but also its systems, programs, and their setting are copied. In such a backup, the company has total peace of mind even if there is a natural disaster or fire destroying all his systems and operating systems.

More types of Data Backup

3rd type of backup is called database backup. It is actually copying database tables for servers or software. In such a backup, company can make use of database backup to restore business up to a certain period of time. The 4th and final type of backup is email backup and recovery. It is important for companies for whom communication is the backbone of their business. Having backup and recovery of all emails sent and received by your business means you need not panic in case an employee accidentally clicks on delete button to lose important emails.

The kind of backup and recovery method you use for your business is decided by the nature of your business and its requirements.

What is the process of data recovery?

While data backup is very important and most companies recognize its necessity, many companies are more interested in knowing the process of data recovery as they want to know how and how quickly they can get their data back to avoid interruptions in business. It is the ease of recovery and the time taken to retrieve data that holds crucial importance for many types of businesses. Even though there are guidelines in this respect from the data backup and recovery experts whose services you are utilizing, it is possible to dictate terms if you are desirous of quick and easy recovery of data to avoid any loss to your business. It is true that in old days, recovery of data from the backup files was a long and cumbersome process. But today, retrieval has become a breeze a client can ask and also get back all his data from his data backup and recovery company in just few minutes.


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