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Wi-Fi is a wonderful alternative to broadband internet connection as it allows the consumer to enjoy access to internet on many of his devices in a place whether it is home or office. It is possible with the help of radio waves that are broadcast by a router in all directions. If router is placed centrally in a home, its coverage allows internet access in laptops, tablets, and smartphones being used by family members inside the home. However, Wi-Fi is not without problems and it is common to see customers complaining about their Wi-Fi issues. You are in the right place if you experience issues with your Wi-Fi at home or office. We can resolve these issues and help you enjoy smooth and uninterrupted access to internet.

Wi-Fi Slowed Down

Wifi Related Issues

This is a very common grouse of consumers having Wi-Fi connection at home. Some members of the family say they are experiencing very slow internet speed while others enjoy fast speed on their devices. Members request each other to watch videos on slower quality so that speed of internet in their device increases. If the bandwidth allotted to you is small, it is natural for internet speed to be slow if all the devices are on and using internet. Turn off devices that are not using internet and it should increase sped in   active devices. Wi-Fi slowed down is a problem that often results from the router not placed in a central location inside the home. If you take your laptop far away from the router in the backyard, you are bound to get slow internet speed. It is not just the speed of internet that slows down but internet itself becomes unreliable and the user complains of intermittent internet at times. The best solution for Wi-Fi slowed down is to move closer to the router. Also, you should keep router on a higher place where it does not face any interference from other electronic gadgets. You can also purchase a second router to boost signals inside the home.

Device Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

This is another common issue faced by Wi-Fi around the country. One of the devices whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, does not connect to internet while other devices continue to have internet access. This can be very annoying particularly for the member who uses the device as everyone else enjoys access to internet in their devices. To fix this problem, try turning the device off and turn it on after a few seconds. This should solve your problem. If there is still no internet access, you can do the same for your Wi-Fi router. Turn it off and on to see if internet access in the device is restored. If this does not work, go into the Wi-Fi settings of your device and turn it off and on. If there is still no internet, click on ‘forget this network’ and then try connecting the network by entering your ID and password. Your Wi-Fi not connecting a device problem should be solved.

Wi-Fi Disappearing Because of Interference

The technology behind Wi-Fi is broadcast of radio waves and as such internet access can be interrupted if there is any interference with these radio waves. Many consumers of Wi-Fi complain of no internet access whenever they are using microwave oven in the household. Some electronic appliances like the Microwave make use of radio waves operating at the same frequency as your router which can interfere with access to internet in the devices being used at home. Check whether interruption in internet access takes place when microwave oven is being used at home or not. If yes, then the culprit is your electronic gadget and not the ISP or the router. Wi-Fi interference also takes place if default wireless frequency channel becomes crowded. The answer to this problem lies in logging in to the admin panel and opting for a different frequency channel.

Wi-Fi Not Working at All

At times, there is no access to internet on all devices being used inside the home or workplace. When this happens, it can a source of irritation as family members cannot access their social media networks, instant messengers, and entertainment features like streaming services. It can also mean loss of productivity if internet is interrupted at workplace. The first thing to troubleshoot in this case is to plug your laptop or smartphone directly into the router with the help of an Ethernet cable. If you find no internet access in this way, it simply means that your internet is down for a while. On the other hand if you see internet access, it means that there is no outage from the end of the ISP and the real culprit is your Wi-Fi router. In this situation, you need to press the reset button on your router for about 30 seconds. This should restore factory settings on the router and it should be able to start internet connection once again. Restart is another trick that can help you in restoring internet access through your Wi-Fi device. Restarting often helps in flushing out anything that is hampering the device from connecting to internet. If you have tried everything but you cannot get access to internet on any device, it is prudent to seek help from our Wi-Fi help line.

WiFi Support Center

If you have Wi-Fi at home, you expect it to allow internet access in all the devices being used by family members in the home. However, if your Wi-Fi develops some minor snag, help is available to you instantly in the form of our Wi-Fi tech support service. No matter where you are inside the U.S, simply dial 1-877-916-7666 to contact our executive. Explain your Wi-Fi related issues and he will try to give you authentic solutions to these issues. This is a toll free Wi-Fi support service that remains open at all times. You can call up and get resolution of your Wi-Fi issues at any time of the day. We have helped thousands of Wi-Fi users across the country by resolving their issues.

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