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General HP Printer Issues and How to fix them

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While they’re generally very reliable, even in the most demanding of environments, HP printers are still problematic from time to time. And we all know printers fail at the most inopportune moments. For an IT support professional, it’s critical to know how to fix the most common problems associated with these printers. I’ve identified 10 problems you can expect to run into most often when dealing with an HP printer, and I’ve included suggestions on fixing them.

1. Paper jams
Among the most common problems with any make of printer are paper jams. A printer will jam for any number of reasons: It’s dirty, the wrong paper type is being used, or the rollers on the printer that feed the paper through its pathway are worn down. While cleaning the printer periodically and using the correct paper type are easy fixes, roller replacement can be a difficult job depending on the model of HP printer. For some HP printers, the rollers are easily accessible, but you’ll need to completely tear down other models to remove the rollers. Regardless of the cause, when removing a paper jam, always pull the paper in the direction of the paper path, because pulling it backwards can severely damage the printer.

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2. Some or all of the printing on the page is faded
A faded print image is normally the result of one of three conditions: The printer is getting low on toner, the print density is set too low, or Economode printing is turned on. For the last two settings, a printer self-test (typically a separate button on the printer) will show what the current settings are. If Economode is on, and users are complaining about how light the print is, turn it off and/or set the print density higher. If the toner is low, simply removing the cartridge and shaking it to redistribute the toner more evenly can temporarily resolve the problem until you can replace the cartridge.

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3. Ghosting
Ghosting is a condition where the image prints properly, but a much lighter copy of the image also prints elsewhere. This can be due to a problem with the power outlet that is supplying power to the printer. Check the power outlet by plugging in a different printer to see if the same results occur. Ghosting can also be caused when consumable printer parts (such as the drum or imaging kit) are near the end of their life. All of the consumable parts in a printer are rated for a certain number of pages. Once a printer gets near that magic number, you’ll need to replace those parts to eliminate ghosting.

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4. Toner smears or does not stay on the paper
If words and images come off the paper when a hand is run across them, there are a few possible problems. First, the fuser assembly may be damaged or at the end of its life. The solution is to replace the fuser assembly. Repairing a fuser assembly is generally not recommended because the fuser is considered a consumable printer part and not worth the time or effort to fix. Second, the toner cartridge may be defective and letting too much toner out at one time. In a black-and-white laser printer, the solution is to replace the toner cartridge. In a color laser printer, only replace the cartridge that is exhibiting the problem. Third, some toner may have spilled in the printer. If so, you’ll need to clean it out.

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5. Printer is displaying a 50.4 error message
A 50.4 error message on some of the newer HP LaserJet printers indicates a problem with the power supply.

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6. Can’t find a driver for a particular operating system
Not all printers have a driver for every OS. In these cases, it’s best to consult the printer manual and find out what printers the drivers will emulate. While not all of the functionality of the printer will be available under this emulation, at least basic printing will work. For example, most HP printers will print with the HP LaserJet II driver installed, although specific options, such as duplexing, will not work.

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7. Printer is not printing from the expected paper tray
Look in two places to correct this particular error. First, look on the printing PC, and second, on the printer. On the printer, make sure that the paper sizes in the control panel match what is actually in the paper trays.

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8. Printer picks up all the paper from the manual feed tray rather than one sheet
You can order and install a new pad without sending the printer out for repair. It is also possible that the paper is wet due to humidity. Make sure the paper is properly stored and that it is “fanned” before putting it into the printer.

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9. Printer is displaying a 79 error
A 79 error can be the result of a problem with the network print server that services the printer. When troubleshooting a 79 error, first open the Printer folder from the Start menu on the Print server to make sure there are no jobs pending. A 79 error can also indicate a failure of a printer add-on component, such as an MIO card or a RAM module.

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10. Trouble printing onto envelopes
Envelopes can cause many problems for laser printers. Choose envelopes that are close to 20-lb paper in weight and thickness. Also, make sure that the adhesive on the envelope is capable of withstanding the heat that the fuser puts out to keep the printing on the page. If you don’t, the envelopes will come out of the printer already sealed. If envelopes are coming out of the printer wrinkled, they may be too stiff for the paper path. Open the rear of the printer and let them exit at that location instead.

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Q. How to fix HP Printer not printing issues?

A. Have you ever had problems with your HP Printer not printing even though it is connected? Well! Than could be fixed with a couple of easy steps. Go on your Microsoft Word, and then to print. Nothing seems to happen? The first thing you should do is disconnect your HP printer from your computer. Once you have done that, go on start, then to control panel, then to system and security, and from there go to Administrative Tools and click on “Services”. Once you are on services, go all the way downwards to printer spooler and on the left hand side you will see “start and restart”. Then reconnect your HP Printer to your system. HP printer still no fixed? Call on +1-877-916-7666, which is the HP printer helpline number.

Q. My HP Printer is not printing colors. How to solve the color printing options on my HP Printer?

A. If you face a problem printing on your HP Printer such as colors not printing at all or the black color is missing when you print, here is an easy answer by the HP Printer support page. Lift the lip on your printer. Wait for the ink cartridges to stop in the middle and then take out the cartridges from the print head unit and lift liver on the right side. Now what you should do is take out the Print head unit that cradles the Ink Cartridges. Clean that out and put it back in the printer and it will work well. If you are still not able to print colors from your HP Printer, talk to the technical specialists at HP Printer Support Help Center by dialing on +1-877-916-7666.

Q. My HP Printer is working on a slower speed. How to fix this?

A. Is your HP Printer running slowly? Look no further. Here is what you need to do. Choose Print and Properties, and then look for a setting that decreases print superiority. With the HP Photo smart, for instance, adjust the default print quality setting from Standard to Fast Draft. Are you still not able to solve the issue? You are just a call away from talking to the technical representatives at the HP Printer Support customer care centre and that will instantly solve your problem. You just need to dial +1-877-916-7666. The highly skilled technical engineers at HP Printer help centre would make sure you get the best HP Printer support possible.

Q. How to contact the HP Printer Support? Or what is the helpline number of HP Printer Support?

A. Do you want to contact HP Printer Support for some technical helps with your HP Printer? Do not worry. From your HP Printer troubleshooting issues to the repair, HP Printer Support has answers and solutions to all your questions and problems respectively. In need of technical assistance for solving the HP Printer issues, all you need to do is dial +1-877-916-7666 which is the HP Printer Support number or HP Printer Support customer care number. The technical representatives at HP Printer Support will help you with the setting up, installation, the solving up of HP Printer problems, update or upgrade, HP Printer connectivity problems, printer not found issues, etc

Q. My operating system is sending print commands to the other printer. What should I do to fix the issue?

A. Are you facing the above said issue? Here is what you got to do! Open your system and go to “start”. Once you open it choose “Devices and Printers”. Under which you will find “Printers and Faxes”. There all you need to do is right click on the option of HP Printer and select “Set as default Printer”. If you stuck up and need some technical help, you should contact at the HP Printer Support helpline number +1-877-916-7666. The technical engineers at HP Printer Support will solve any and every problem relating to your HP Printer in the most robust manner.

Q. The prints from my HP Printer are giving light prints? What shall I do to resolve this?

A. Do you find that the HP Printer you are using gives light prints and also have horizontal lines? Here lies your solution. Go to “Start”, and then proceed on to “Devices and Printers”, click on it and search for your printer’s helpful application. That’s one way that you can get the solution and fix the issue with your HP Printer, another way would be to dial on HP Printer Support customer care number +1-877-916-7666 and get immediate and the best HP Printer Support by talking to the technical specialists at the HP Printer Support help center. Whether it be light prints or lines on your print, HP Printer Support has all the ways to solve you every issue.

Q. How to fix the wireless HP Printer working on a slow speed?

A. Since Wi-Fi Printer speeds down with distance, you will have to place your wireless printer as close as likely to the router. Also, check your Wi-Fi printer or any wireless print server it attaches to support the good speed which can improve the performance of the Ethernet. For sometimes it may not be the printer, but the connection that you are using. If in case you feel it is the HP Printer that you are using is the real trouble then you can get it fixed by getting the best solutions from the technical engineers at HP Printer Support help center. You can do so by calling on the HP Printer Support helpline number +1-877-916-7666.

Q. How to add extra text on a page?

A. Here is what you got to do. Go to “Print and Properties”, and then search for a printer setting that lets you increase the number of pages per sheet and you are sorted. If you want to inquire about any such common issues that you have with respect to your HP Printer, you can contact the HP Printer support help center and talk to technical experts trained to solve any of your HP Printer issues. For contacting the HP Printer Support team you just need to call on HP Printer Support customer helpline number +1-877-916-7666.

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