Setting Up and Using Roku Express

Roku is a major player in the world of streaming service providers. Roku is a Japanese word meaning 6. It was so named as it was the 6th company started by Anthony Woods. The latest offering from Roku support is Roku Express, a streaming device that can turn an ordinary television into a smart TV, allowing the user to watch TV shows and movies any time he so desires. Imagine streaming not just Hulu or Netflix but hundreds of other popular shows and movies on your TV set using Roku Express. It is also the cheapest streaming device available in the market at the moment, being sold at just $30.

A tiny device that can be hidden from the eyes of others

Roku Express is a tiny device the size of a pack of cards. You can stick it at the bottom of your TV with the help of adhesive provided with device. Roku Express can be plugged in to your TV via HDMI port and it starts to stream content from internet on your TV. Many of the channels streamed using Roku Express is absolutely free. In fact, the number of such channels runs into hundreds and you may not even have heard names of these channels. Some of these channels have become popular such as Vevo, Adult Swim, and Crackle. Roku library is growing bigger and bigger with each passing year and you will never have a dull moment after buying Roku Express. However, you need to have a monthly subscription of Hulu and Netflix to watch their content through Roku. Online Roku support and its low price make it the cheapest streaming service in the market. However, you have to bear the fact that it is not so fast in following your commands and bringing the menu on the screen of your TV. This is because the company has fitted a rather slow chipset in this device that takes time to follow the commands of the user through the remote.

Setting up Roku Express

Unlike Roku Stick that is shaped just like a USB drive; Roku Express takes the shape of a box the size of a deck of playing cards. Stick your Roku device to your TV set after plugging it through the HDMI port. Turn on the TV, insert batteries in the remote control, and get ready to set up Roku Express. You will get instructions on the screen of your TV to connect your device with your Wi-Fi network. Make your account on Roku and add the channels that you wish to watch on your TV. Now you are ready to stream content from internet and be entertained all the time.

A perfect streaming device for the budget conscious people

Roku Express is a streaming device just like Apple TV+ but it is much cheaper than its competitors. Roku support makes it a force to reckon with among streaming service providers. If you are a budget conscious customer hesitant to buy expensive devices, Roku Express can be a perfect way to turn your dumb TV into a smart TV.



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