The Top Benefits and Disadvantages of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Support

In the year 2002, Mozilla foundation launched its open source web browser, Fire Fox. The web browser has later become a leading web browsing tool.

Used by millions of internet users, Mozilla Fire Fox is known for its user-friendliness, fast speed and rapid download rate.

Backed-up the robust Mozilla Fire Fox technical support team, the web-browser is no less in offering the internet users a high level of security.

The browser security includes protection from phishing, viruses and various other general exploits.

Widely accepted and majorly used Mozilla Fire Fox is cross-platform friendly and finely works on platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

To understand more on this amazing web browser, lets us discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of Mozilla Fire Fox.

Advantages of Fire Fox

1. Infinite Browsing Experience
Opening numerous pages in numerous tabs in a single tab is one big task for any web browser. But for Mozilla Fire-Fox, the tabbed browsing options allow users to open unlimited number of pages in a single window.
It makes browsing organized and easy. In case if your system gets turned off mistakenly while many tabs were open then do not worry, when restart your Mozilla web browser the it will start from the place where your last left.

2. Easy Customization
Another benefit of using Mozilla Fire Fox is its easy customization. The Mozilla Fire Fox is free to download and is easily compatible with various devices.
The web browser is also having easy to integrate add-ons which are easy to use and lastly, the Mozilla Fire Fox browser is easy to get updated.

3. Mozilla Fire Fox Tech Support

Among all the web browsers present, Mozilla is the one which is backed-up by the robust technical support services.
The Fire Fox tech support team offers robust help to its users. They offer support through call, e-mails, and Fire Fox tutorials.
The Fire Fox support services also take care of your security and privacy microscopically. Downloading with Fire Fox is also easy and secured.
The web browser has intuitive navigation.

4. Rich Add-On Library
With ad-on, experience of using any web browser just gets enhanced. The ad-ons library in Mozilla takes to another level.
The web browser is feature-rich. It is compact with more than 6000 extensions and more than 500 themes.
The availability of these Ad-ons and extensions makes our work easy, smooth and hassle-free.
For example, with the extension you can easily access your Facebook wall by adding it into the Fire Fox toolbar.

Disadvantages of Mozilla Fire Fox

1. More Plug-ins Less Speed

This is a serious issue with Mozilla. The Mozilla Web browser which is having multiple plug-in apps run in it, gets severely slow down the speed web page downloading.
The customization of the browser toolbar sometime gets out of hand and gets the browser’s space over-clutter.

2. Non-Resuming Downloads

Today when downloading from internet becomes a necessity, in such situation when you download a huge file and it gets interrupted due to technical glitches, how would you feel?
Well, that’s a serious issue and unfortunately is prevailing in the web Mozilla Fire Fox web browser.
It means a download cannot be resumed if once interrupted. People having dial-up connection are facing various problems due to this.
Just so you know, the browser by Mozilla is specially designed for the people who use high-speed internet.

3. Loading Time Issue

The browsers like Google Chrome and Opera have broken their own record of opening the web browser in a less time. Whereas Mozilla Fire Fox, gets a run for money situation in this respect.

The web page loading time in Mozilla Firefox is comparatively time-consuming.
The multiple ad-on make the browser slower and hamper browsing speed.

4. Compatibility Issue

This is one of the reasons why Mozilla Fire Fox is lacking behind in comparison to its competitors.
As per the reports, there are some popular business oriented websites which simply don’t properly display in this web browser.
Apart from this, the browser also use more memory to run properly that ultimately affect system’s performance.



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