These Multi functional Printers are All You Need in 2019

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Printers have become an integral part of our daily life, be it a professional or personal need, printers can solve our various requirements and make our official and personal work easy.

Printers have evolved a lot since their inception. Started as a printing machine, these printers gradually have become smarter and multi-task with the time.

There are numerous companies available in the markets that claim themselves to be number one. There is no doubt each company provides the best quality printer with best printer support services.

Today we not only can print our required docs but also perform various functionalities like scanning, faxing, etc. With the availability of numerous interesting and multi-functional printers, it becomes hard for us to choose which one we should purchase and which not.

If you are also planning to buy a printer for yourself, then the list below will surely be going to help you in making your purchasing decision more easy and simple.
Check out the best printers that you can purchase in 2019.

1. Canon Office and Business MX922

This is listed among the best printer of all time. The manufacture and design of this printer are exceptional. The classy and elegant look of this printer is not only its specialty.
The printer is also special for its multi-functionalities beside its core functionality that is printing. The best about this printer is that you can make copies with it.
You can also send and receive fax and off-course you can always scan your document with it.

High-quality printing
If not use for a while then it may leave a blurry effect.

2. HP Envy 4520

The printer is a classic example of modern and smart technology. Although this printer alike its fellow printer devices cannot send or receive the fax.
Thus a user is restricted to the functionalities like scanning, copying, and printing. Hey! But that’s obviously not fewer functions if you think the other way. After all, a printer is allowing you to do scanning and copying along with its basic function printing.
For your information, this is a perfect choice for business as well as personal use.

Powerful touchscreen and strong duplex printing
Easy Set up

Slow printing
Regular pop-ups. (They can be turned off through control panel)

3. Epson Expression Home XP 330

Expression Home XP-330 is one of the best printers with best online printer support services. This is a wireless printer with a small and compact dimension.
But, don’t get fooled with its compact size as the machine is compact with immense power than you can ever imagine.
Comparatively bit pricy this printer accomplish all printing related task in a jiffy. As a user, you can expect lots and lots of good things from this printer.

Wireless connectivity
Easy compatibility with tablets and laptops

Ink dries up fast
Need to fill all cartridges

4. Canon MX492

The inexpensive price tag is one of its major tags. The printer due to its less price rate in the market can be accessible to a mass. The size as well as the dimension of the printer is compact and handy and doesn’t take much space in the office or in the home.
For all those who have less space in their offices or homes, Canon MX 492 would be a perfect choice for them.

Along with its cheaper price, what makes it the winner among its contemporaries is its multi-functionalities.

Handy and convenient
Less noisy
Fast faxing system
Premium quality printing

Confusing software, especially for new users
Complicated arrangements



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