Timeline of Most Popular Browsers – Know How it All Begun!

A Quick Overview

a. Numerous browsers have been introduced to markets some got isolated with the time while some got highly evolved.

With the help of a web browser, you can get connected with everything that interests you on the web. A browser facilitates you to watch your favorite movies, play your favorite games, shop online and billions of other interesting things.

The web browsers became so important in the present time that you can even find various internet browser support services provider at your disposable who are all ready to deploy their expertise with instant technical help to optimize both, your browser and your browsing experience.

Understand Web Browser in a Simplest Way

A web browser is a software or a set of programs that facilitates you to surf internet easily. It will also help you to retrieve your desired information from a server and display in front of you. This information could be anything, from web pages to images to videos to text and etc.

These amazing features of a webs browser must have induced you to know about its glorious history.

Therefore, we the best browser tech support company have listed the timeline of different major web browsers. Let’s start with our web browser journey.

  1. Internet Explorer

It is one of the oldest internet browsers which have started its journey decades ago. Its first version was released on 16th August 1995. Since then it has seen numerous changes in itself. Its 6th version came in 2001 and then it took 5 long years to bring its 7th version on October 18th, 2006.

Internet Explorer Timeline

Image Source : Wikipedia

Being the oldest web browser, it still has a low reputation in the eyes of web developers as it makes them waited for a long time for an upgraded version.

  1. FireFox

One of the most preferred web browser among the community of web developers. Its first version was released in 2004 November 9th, and till 2012 it has evolved with 12 updated versions.

Firefox Latest Version

Image Source : Wikipedia

Did you know, before setting up to its current name, the browser underwent various name changes such as Phoenix, Firebird, etc.

  1. Chrome

Smooth, easy to use, feature-rich and amazing, it is how Chrome browser can be described. With its first release which was in 2008 December 11th, Chrome made a buzz in the realm of the internet with its excellent specifics.

Chrome Latest Version Update

Image Source : Wikipedia

It is Google’s own product so you cannot expect low quality from it. Every year it brings 2 to 3 upgrades, and till date, there are more than 20 versions been released of this web browser.

The best part of this browser is the back support by its dexterous web browser technical support team that solves all your issues in a jiffy.

Other Major web browsers and their timelines

The timeline of web browsers is incomplete without Opera, robust, innovative and feature-rich web browsers. The first version came in April 1995 followed by the second version in July 1996. Later it released with numerous versions. The recent one is the beta version of Opera 15.

Another web browser is Safari, and its timeline started from 2003 June. Even though it is one of the latest web browsers, it still is loved by many internet users. The latest version, Safari 11 came in 2017 with several intelligent features.

The Final Note

The entire history of web browsers makes the realm of internet more interesting along with the fact that with every new version of any web browser, the quality of net surfing gets also enhanced.

To more enhance your browsing experience, a user is offered with a browser support number from where you can solve any query related to a web browser and its technicality.



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