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Apple Safari Support

If you use an iPhone or iPad, you must be using Safari, its default browser, to surf the net. Apple Safari is known as a wonderful browser and it is specially designed for Mac and iOS users. In fact, using this browser with efficient Apple Safari support also proves good for your battery as it consumes very little power to browse internet. Here you will find some useful tips to save more of your time and therefore the battery of your device.

Working different tabs

If you have opened several tabs, they automatically reload after you open one of these tabs after some time. But you do not need to search something you found important in one of these tabs as Apple Safari allows you to see several tabs in a landscape mode. This is really a nice feature as you save lot of time in getting to the information you have found useful.

Getting to the top of a webpage

It becomes boring to go to the top of a webpage in your iPhone or iPad as it takes a lot of time swiping with your fingers. However, you can do so with a single click to reach the top of a page. All you have to do is to tap the clock icon on the top left hand of the screen of your iPhone or iPad and you are taken to the top of the page.

Do a lot more with 3D Touch

There is a lot you can do with the touch icon of 3D. Just press the icon and hold it and you are presented with these options. You can search incognito, look at your top sites, or simply open a new tab by using this simple but interesting tip.

Using multiple Apple devices

If you are working at several Apple devices at the same time, you can take a look at open tabs in these devices on a single device. All you have to do to see these tabs is to press the stacked paper icon on the bottom of the tab list. This way you save time by not reaching for other devices and getting all open tabs in one device.

Accessing passwords stored in different devices

With the help of Apple Safari tech support, you are able to not only save and store all your passwords but also access them when using one of your devices. This is possible because of the fact that the passwords are saved on the cloud at a place called iCloud Keychain. This means you can save your time as all your passwords are within your reach irrespective of the Apple device you are using at the moment. You can trust online Apple Safari support to keep your passwords safe and secure on the cloud.

Read a webpage without getting distracted

Apple Safari has a feature called Reader View that allows users to focus upon the content on a webpage by getting rid of distracting material. You don’t see the junk on the web page if you click on this feature to make your reading smooth and entertaining.



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