What Google knows about you and how to make it forget?

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How will it feel when you come to know that you are being constantly watched at and your personal information is mined to a greater depth?
This may seem like a scary ghost story that there is this company who knows everything about you. Yes! The company being talked about here is Google. Google is a search engine that tracks you. This has been in news recently that so as to conduct a better target advertising for the users, Google keeps in touch with your activities.

Especially after Julian Assange, the founder of Wiki Leaks stated that Google has stocked more data in comparison to NSA. In this article you would learn the breadth of how much Google knows about you. We will also be showing how you can see what Google knows about you and most importantly what you can do about it. That’s part of Google and Android’s work as they do this so that they can use the information to customize and bring out the best experience for the users.
To the Google’s credit, the Google gives you an option to filter or delete things that they know or have kept track of. Google is also open in sharing the information that it has about you. You even have the option of limiting what Google can see about you.

1. Google knows what’s inside your house

Do you own an iRobot Roomba i7+ with automatic dirt disposal? Did you know that it has the capability of keeping in mind the plan of the floor of the house it is working? iRobot Roomba in order to perform more efficiently and to comprehend the layout of the rooms, furniture and walls, measures everything by a low resolution camera and the rotating Roomba wheels and shares the information with Google.

2. Google knows your personality

Your taste and preferences, your favourite music track, the kind of hair colour you want to have, the details on your gender, education, and more like these reflects your personality. Google with the help of its impressive accuracy catches hold of these personal details.

3. Google knows what you have said

The Google records everything you say when you say “OK Google”. You can even see your own audio tracks. Hit play and you will be all ears to all that you have ever said after saying Ok Google. It is incredible how you all that you say are tracked.

4. Google knows who you have seen

Google.com/maps/timeline stalks you all the time. Through this, Google knows the location of where you were be it the city or the restaurant, who you are with and the pictures that were taken. Those pictures appear along with the time and place mentions.

5. Google knows what you search for and it knows where you browse

Have you ever wondered how do those advertisements that pop in show exactly what you were thinking about? If yes that happens because of the instant answer feature in Google search that also saves all your searches. If you go to the activity log, you will be shocked to find the record of everything you search for, every YouTube video that you have watched.

6. Google knows almost everything you have done with your Android phones

If you are an android user, Google sync will keep record of every app that you have opened including the time and place you have opened it. Google tracks your location every time, your searching stool, your current internet service network, which app are you downloading on your android, with whom are you having words, etc. all of which are then stored in the Google’s data.

7. How to find out exactly what Google knows

If you want to find out what Google knows about you, you just need to go to the link myactivity.google.com and for doing so you have to be signed in to an account for Google to track you. There you will be coming across something that may seem like an incredibly scary history of what Google knows. Your jaw may even drop down to the floor to witness this.



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