Why does Netflix cancel its popular shows so quickly?

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Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular streaming service of not just the U.S but the entire world. Millions of subscribers are hooked to its various original shows and series and wait anxiously for the new season after the end of s season. Many of them are heartbroken when they find that their favorite show has been abruptly canceled by the company. In fact, a vast majority of the original shows of Netflix hardly last for more than two or three seasons. What is the reason behind ending Netflix support to its highly successful and popular shows?

Netflix series are followed by millions of men and women and they become involved with the characters of these shows as if they are a part of their own lives. It is therefore natural for these people to feel the loss if a series ends abruptly by Netflix. Most people are unable to figure out why Netflix does this when these shows are so popular and enjoy the support of its subscribers. However, there is a solid reason behind this cancellation of original shows.

It has now become a rule that a series will come to an end after 2-3 seasons on Netflix. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, the web series Orange is the New Black has just entered its 7th season on the trot. Producer of the series Stranger Things has said that it will definitely enter its 4th season. Does that mean that these two shows are any different from the rest of the series of Netflix? Yes, at least if one takes into account awards won by these two shows.  Both the shows have won various awards like Screen Actors Guild, Primetime Emmys, and also the Golden Globes.

It is clear that Netflix support is available for its shows that go on to win various prestigious awards. These shows bring in more viewers and subscribers for the company. Awards give certain recognition to a show and they encourage viewers to watch it. If a show wins several awards, it brings in more viewers for Netflix. This is the objective of the company and it also explains the reason why most of the shows are wound up abruptly while the award winning shows continue their journey.

There are dozens of original shows of Netflix that command a very high viewership. However, these shows are not able to win any awards. This means these shows cannot attract new customers for the company and thus they are discontinued by Netflix even though they are watched by millions of subscribers around the country.

Also, Netflix has a large number of shows that run for 2-3 seasons and keep their viewers satisfied as they have learnt all about the storyline. The company finds it more cost effective to run its shows for 2-3 seasons while continuing only a few of the shows for many seasons. This also means that subscribers have a large variety of shows lined up for their entertainment at any time of the year.



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