Windows April Updates causing problems for McAfee Antivirus installed Computers

Windows McAfee

McAfee antivirus is a highly popular antivirus program across the country. It is installed in the computers and laptops of millions of individuals that include not just students and housewives but also executives and employees in big companies. Users love the performance of this internet security suite that becomes more potent with McAfee antivirus support from the company.

Microsoft has recently introduced updates to its Windows OS in April 2019. These updates are related to security and monthly rollovers. Now it has been found that computers running on Windows and having installed two internet security suites from McAfee have become the latest victims of malfunctioning that is seen in the form of boot issues. Users of these computers say their devices hang suddenly and also take a lot of time in rebooting.

MacAfee antivirus online support has said that it is trying to work out a solution for the problems of its customers using Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers. Two security products hit by this malfunctioning are McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention and Security ENS Threat Prevention. Even Microsoft has admitted this reported flaw in its security update saying that these systems have reportedly either slowed down or becoming unresponsive at times after the installation of this Windows update. It added that some systems are also taking a long time to start after installation of these updates.

McAfee is not the only antivirus program that has been affected because of these security updates. Before it, other security suites that have reported anomalies are Avast, Arcabit, Sophos, and AVG. Even Microsoft seems to be clueless at the moment though the company has said that it will come up with the correct explanation once its engineers have worked on the symptoms in the laboratory.

Meanwhile, McAfee is very concerned with the inconveniences faced by its customers because of Windows updates. It has informed all its customers that it has developed a fix for this problem and this solution will be provided to customers who contact the company in this regard. Company has said that customers who are unable to contact it for a fix can overcome these problems by disabling access protection rule in their devices.

Interestingly, customers using computers running on Windows 10 have so far not reported any such problem with their McAfee antivirus programs. Customers using other antivirus programs are not so lucky and they are reporting slow and unresponsive systems in their Windows 10 computers.

Even before Microsoft can find out the root cause of the problem, McAfee has said that the culprit behind these problems is the changes made to CSRSS by Microsoft. It added that these changes in Windows client/server runtime subsystem are interfering with McAfee’s ENS product.

Microsoft has taken action and it has blocked the recent Windows updates for customers having McAfee antivirus software installed in their computers. The same has been done by the company for the users of antivirus programs like Sophos, Avira, and Arcabit. Some of these companies are advising their customers to uninstall Windows updates to stay away from the problems of slow and unresponsive systems.



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