Yahoo Mail Support Introduces New Features to Its Mobile App

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Yahoo Mail remains one of the most popular email clients around the country. With more than 225 million users of Yahoo Mail on the web, the company has decided to give a makeover to its mobile app. In the time to come, Yahoo Mail users on their Android and iOS devices will find that messages in their inbox have been categorized into several categories just like it is done in Gmail. These categories will include groceries, travel, deals, and attachments and the customers will also find important and useful flight information at the top of their inboxes. This Yahoo Mail support is much needed one for the customers and it is sure to add to the numbers of Users of Yahoo.

Similar to the system of labeling used by Gmail, Yahoo Mail is trying to introduce a feature of auto categorization called Views. This feature will put incoming mails into different categories based upon their content. Users can open the categories of their choice and see what messages are useful for them. In the iOS version of this new feature, in addition to categories like travel and deals, customers will also be able to sort out messages on the basis of their location.  Yahoo Mail support will ensure that customers are able to see the location through built in map. In the category of attachment, customers will see their messages that contain photos, travel documents, and other files.

Another new update coming to the users, courtesy Yahoo Mail support is the curation of inbox promotional messages that are going to expire in the next few days. Another new feature allows the users to unsubscribe form newsletters with a single click.Along with all these features, Yahoo has also worked on the interface of the app to make it user friendly. Customers can now hold their smartphones in one hand and do whatever they want with the thumb or other fingers of the same hand. This means it is now easier to open and work on Yahoo Mail app while being on the move or in a flight.

Customers will now find it easy to log into their other email accounts inside Yahoo Mail account. Explaining all the new features and added functionalities, CEO of Verizon Media says that it has been done keeping in mind the comfort and the ease with which users can connect and communicate with others.He added that most of the communication these days takes place on mobile devices and people make use of not one but multiple email accounts to manage their emails. They have personal emails and also business emails that need to be separate from each other. Yahoo Mail realizes that customers need not waste their time and effort into sorting their messages. This is why the company has added all the new features and functionalities as it wants its customers to manage their emails efficiently and in a stress free manner.

The redesigned Yahoo Mail app offers many new benefits to the customers and it is likely to give a big boost to the fortunes of the company.



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